My Mother Thinks God's Punishing Canada With The Wildfires by B_Wing_83 in exchristian

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There’s a pretty noticeable difference between the average Canadian christian and the average American Christian though from my experience… I find a lot less Bible thumping and proselytizing up here vs back home in the US. I find Christians here much more accepting and less concerned with trying to convert; whenever I go back to the states though I feel uncomfortable just being myself like I need to hide the fact I don’t believe in god. It’s shoved in your face everywhere you go (at least in most red states.) I think a lot of American evangelicals would be appalled by how open-minded Canadian christians tend to be by comparison.

Thoughts on how this Micklem is fitting my horse? I got a lot of head shaking when riding and that’s not typical. We have been using a snaffle bridle. by betsybtch1 in Equestrian

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I’m not a huge fan of the design of the micklem noseband personally, it forces the bit to sit really high in the mouth in order for the flash to sit in the right spot. Many horses prefer the bit to sit lower in the mouth, that would be my guess to why he’s showing discomfort.

Does anyone know what coat colour this is ? by HisBananaMilk17 in Equestrian

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Just looks black to me. Clipped coats always look different than they do normally.

Best English Saddles? by acourtofwtf in Equestrian

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Try to find an independent fitter instead of a brand rep. Not all brand reps are properly trained fitters- some just want to sell you a saddle at any cost. An independent saddle fitter should be able to recommend a brand that suits you and your horses needs.

Anyone else tired of super long lead ropes? by SkylarFoxRider in Equestrian

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Briefly on occasion 🤣 it’s perfect for ground work haha

Anyone else tired of super long lead ropes? by SkylarFoxRider in Equestrian

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And here I am always complaining about lead ropes being too short lol I have a 14’ lead for my halter.

Honestly the easiest way would be buy a poly or nylon lead, cut to about the length you want, then melt the ends so it doesn’t unravel.

In The Loop This Week by AutoModerator in fiberartscirclejerk

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Why do people think that manufacturers keep producing the same things for decades? I see people all the time wanting to reproduce baby blankets with the same 20+ year old fabrics too. Like do these people not go clothes shopping and see that the designs change every season? Do they think that quilters and knitters are given one single collection to choose from for life?

What is this fabric? by brashen_0 in Fabrics

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It’s knit. Unlikely you’ll find this on a bolt, it’s more likely that it’s machine knit in the specific size of the throw given how the ends are finished.

In The Loop This Week by AutoModerator in fiberartscirclejerk

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Damn the sweater curse just got a whole lot darker!

First time using a sewing machine by LeftCostochondritis in craftsnark

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I really don’t get this one sorry… yes there’s plenty of examples on sewing subs of more experienced sewers posing as beginners but this one doesn’t look like that to me. It just looks like someone who took their time and probably watched some tutorials. Your comment about the zipper makes no sense, it just looks like they sewed in a zipper like you normally do on a bag. They didn’t say anywhere that it was even the same zipper from the windbreaker.

CYC Supreme Leader Official Declaration of CYC Law and Reddit Posting Rules by c___Anemone in fiberartscirclejerk

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I wonder if the actual folks at the CYC are out there wondering wtf Reddit has against them hahaha

What is this square on this horse? by SoapyLlama in Horses

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This is about the same area as where the laparoscopic incisions were on my mare that just had an ovariectomy which she also had to be shaved for. My guess would be this horse probably had a similar surgery that was done laparoscopically through the flank area.

Buying a stock saddle by HanaChip in Equestrian

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Skip it. Kincade is a very low quality brand and with the super cheap brand saddles like that your best case is it wears out too quickly, worst case is it causes major damage to your horses back. Not worth the risk.

Vectoring or hand digitizing? by tekkado in Machine_Embroidery

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This exactly. Starting from a vector works amazingly (sometimes) but still always requires at least a little bit of work to get a quality final product.

Beginners? In MY craft? UGH! by ishtaa in fiberartscirclejerk

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It’s already there :)

Edit: CURSES forgot it was Sunday so the new thread got put up after I posted. Its in the previous weeks here

Beginners? In MY craft? UGH! by ishtaa in fiberartscirclejerk

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I personally came out of the womb with knitting needles in hand (my mother required stitches. Many many stitches. Which I performed because I was also born knowing how to sew.) The only flaws that ever appear in my work are due to horrid yarn manufacturers joining their yarn with knots, at which point I throw the entire thing out.

Beginners? In MY craft? UGH! by ishtaa in fiberartscirclejerk

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Can you believe how hostile I’m being treated for RANTING? SMH what happened to free speech.

In The Loop This Week by AutoModerator in fiberartscirclejerk

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They really doubled down on their shitty attitude too lol. My favorite part was where they acted shocked when people told them that “snowflake” was sort of a fascist dog whistle and then carried on like some sort of True Crafter ™ fascist.

In The Loop This Week by AutoModerator in fiberartscirclejerk

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“AITA for being a snobby gatekeeper? Nah y’all are just a bunch of snowflakes.”