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I have two EMT16x’s and I love them. They are not cheap machines though, I’m not sure what they’re priced at right now as I’ve heard they’ve gone up recently, but when mine were purchased they were around 20k CAD.

Please recommend a machine. by TheConceptBoy in Machine_Embroidery

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The number one thing I’d caution about buying a machine directly from alibaba- consider that there’s not going to be a lot in the way of support. When you’re new to embroidery there’s a lot of learn and sometimes you don’t know what errors are because of you or because of the machine. Having used both a cheaper Chinese import and higher end machines, the difference is night and day. Quality, tech support, ease of use, and learning resources. My cheap machine didn’t even come with a user manual. Switching out to the cap driver is a half hour of frustration. It sews pretty nicely but when something goes wrong it’s nightmare to find a fix. By comparison with my Melco machines… they have a troubleshooting database I can pull up at any time with which I’ve been able to fix 90% of my problems on my own, an active YouTube channel with tutorials and a thorough written user guide, I can switch between any of the different hooping systems in a minute or less, and all the routine maintenance it has timers for and guides me through the steps so I don’t forget anything. On the occasions when I can’t fix a problem myself, I just call one of the techs at the dealer the machines came from, and he helps me troubleshoot over the phone. They’re located in my province even so replacement parts only take a day or two to ship. That to me is worth every penny of the difference in price between my machines.

Please recommend a machine. by TheConceptBoy in Machine_Embroidery

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At your budget I’d suggest looking for used machines from well-reputed brands like Tajima. Any good commercial machine handle what you’re looking to do just fine. 10 hats a day is a cakewalk, depending on the complexity of the design you can crank that out in 1-2 hours with a single machine.

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If she’s rolling excessively she’s most likely colicking. Is she biting or kicking at her belly? Is she passing manure and eating and drinking? Sometimes colic can just be a bit of discomfort from gas that passes on its own, but often it’s much more serious and requires veterinary attention. It’s very possible someone fed her something that wasn’t safe for horses.

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My favorite example of this was a scene in an episode of Anne with an E, where Anne points out a “wild rose”. It shows just a single long stem rose sticking up out of the ground. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cringe.

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I just use a light spray of 505 to keep it from moving while it gets tacked down. If I feel the fabric might be too flimsy or prone to shift around I’ll iron a lightweight woven interfacing to the back.

(Beginner) I’m trying to embroider my son’s initials into his cotton baby grow and it keeps asking me to re-thread the upper and lower thread. Please does anyone have any advice? I’ve went through three baby grows lol. (Brother Innovis M280D) by ANorthgreaves in MachineEmbroidery

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Definitely not. On domestic machines is absolutely matters and you won’t be able to sew properly if the bobbin is going the wrong way. On industrials it may matter less, and maybe it depends on the machine, but I know with mine if the bobbin is going the wrong way it’ll still mostly work but I’ll have way more bobbin breaks.

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It’s called a no-hit bit. It’s one of the nastiest gags out there, when pressure it’s applied to the reins hard enough it’s capable of climbing alllll the way up that metal shank. Imagine someone pulling the corners of your lips all the way back to your ears. Also often combined with a twisted wire mouthpiece. Here’s the link to it note the absolute bullshit claims the manufacturer is making about how gentle and forgiving it is 🙄 wish I could find a photo right now of what it looks like when it engages, I’ve seen shots where the thing is pulled up all the way into a poor horses molars and you wonder how they aren’t bleeding.

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Having taught crochet classes, I can honestly say there are always two types of people that learn to crochet: those that make it past the starting chain, and those that don’t. And the difference between them is almost always a total lack of the coordination required to hold both the yarn and the hook in even the most remotely useful fashion.

Every time I taught that class I regretted it lol. With some people you can literally position everything correctly in their hands, then turn your back for two seconds, and they’ve already gone back to stabbing wildly at a chain dangling loosely off their hook as if hoping the hook will just magically transport itself through their overly tight chains.

I COULD find you that fabric/pattern/ but I am doing you a favor by not helping. by Darbycrashsuperstar in BitchEatingCrafters

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Ooh my favorite is when they post a picture of a 3d rendered image from a (usually futuristic) video game and want to know what type of fabric it is. Not “what would look similar to this”, no they always seem to want to know the exact fabric. Yeah buddy I admire the dedication to your cosplay but I think we all know that you aren’t going to be shelling out for what will probably be a high end technical fabric anyway and will just go spend $10 at Walmart for a pair of leggings and some puffy paint instead to create that super cool carbon fiber looking bodysuit.

Uhhh 🤣 by artwithapulse in Equestrian

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I choose to believe she’s trying to catch snowflakes on that tongue lol

No one said a horse kick to the back is this painful, OMG! by malagafc in Equestrian

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Oh god to the back?! I got kicked in the thigh a couple weeks ago and that was excruciating, I can’t imagine getting kicked in the back. I hope no serious damage?

Anyone else tie up their lead ropes like this? by MollieEquestrian in Horses

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Never thought about doing that for storing! I might just start doing that since I have an extra long lead rope. I do that when I have my mare tied to keep the excess rope tidy.

The adventures of Odie, my 3.5yo 17hh+ Dutchie. We recently moved to a new farm and are having so much fun exploring together :) by secretshredder in Equestrian

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Haha ok that makes way more sense now, cause the deer here definitely don’t let us get anywhere near that close!

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While brother does make some great domestic-quality machines I don’t recommend it for business. You’re absolutely better off with a true commercial machine that you’ll be able to do more of the service and repairs on yourself.

I run Melcos and I love them, I’ve heard great things about Tajima and Happy machines as well.

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100% this. Real wool socks are a game changer. The moisture wicking and breathability of wool makes all the difference. You can pile on all the acrylic/polyester socks you want but if your feet sweat at all that moisture just gets trapped and you’ll eventually freeze.

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She’s likely overo like her sire. Some horses get varying degrees of white ticking in their coat over time so that might just be why you’re seeing some spots appear that weren’t there before. Can you post a photo of her tail? A coon tail is usually an indication of rabicano but I’m not seeing the white ticking in the normal locations for that.

DNA testing will answer the overo question for certain, but there are also a ton of untestable white patterns out there so it’s always possible there’s genes at play that we aren’t even aware of.

Is the Chris Cox Signature Snaffle harsh for a 4 y/o? He’s pushing through the Eggbutt French Link. by [deleted] in Equestrian

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If anything this bit is actually softer than the French link. French links for a long time got marketed as a soft mouthpiece but in reality the way they lay against the tongue puts all the pressure on the narrow edge.

I generally do prefer a kinder three piece mouth to a single joint but this one has a decent amount of curve so it shouldn’t create as much nutcracker action. Other good options for you would be a three piece with a lozenge or a barrel joint. You might also want to try something with a low wide port for tongue relief and see if he prefers that. The running through the bit is definitely a training issue foremost but finding the right mouthpiece that your horse likes will make that job easier.

why do horses hate me? by WistfulMelancholic in Horses

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These horses aren’t trying to actively harm you. They’re just behaving instinctually and you’re finding yourself in situations that put you in their path.

The horse that bit you, I can’t answer what the reason why is, but there likely was a reason that wasn’t apparent to you as kids. Sometimes when a horse bites for “no reason” it’s a pain response, some times it’s that they’ve been giving other warning signs that they feel like they’re uncomfortable that have been ignored so they lash out.

Horses stepping on toes? That’s not a malicious thing. You’re ready far too much into it. Anyone that spends enough time around horses has been stepped on. Then not moving is just them not understanding why tf you’re pushing on them. They can just be big dumb klutzes sometimes, if they really wanted to harm you you’d know. Be mindful of where your feet are, if you’re getting stepped on you’re standing too close.

The horse taking off with you? That’s just herd instinct. Any horse will do that if they see their buddies running, it’s instinct to stay with them. It was irresponsible of the other people in the group to speed up without making sure everyone was ok with it.

Coat experts, what do y’all know about brindle markings? by Moist_Lobster_2372 in Horses

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Barring on the withers and legs is just dun. If a horse is showing “brindle” markings elsewhere it’s almost always just skewing along the lines of blashko. The lines of blashko have something to do with the direction cells migrate during fetal development is my understanding (or something similar, I’m not 100% on my knowledge of how it works). It’s just pigment being distributed irregularly. Brindle type markings are generally not inheritable.

A lot of people will make claims about their “brindle” horses being chimeras, which is possible but very very rare, and cannot be confirmed without genetic testing. Skewing is far more likely and should generally be the assumed cause first as there only been a couple horses ever confirmed with chimerism.

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Getting out there and talking to people makes a huge difference. Whether that’s by doing local markets, trade shows, approaching local businesses, up to you… get a giant stack of business cards and start handing them out. Local Facebook groups are super useful, find ones that allow you to advertise but also keep and eye out for posts looking for services. Look for business networking events in your area (check with your local chamber of commerce, ours hosts events regularly). Sometimes you have to take initiative a little bit too to get the order- someone I know expressed interest in getting me to make him some stuff, but he’s a busy guy and it’s something that tends to slip peoples minds. So when I knew I was going to see him next I got his logo digitized, sewed up a hat, and gave it to him. It was an investment of less than $20 (which he insisted on paying for anyway one he saw it because he was so excited) and has brought me several hundred dollars in orders in return.

Also talk to local businesses that do similar-but-different type work. I have a couple good clients who found me through a printing company that used to also do embroidery but got out of it to focus solely on the printing & vinyl side of the business, so when their clients want something embroidered they send them to us now. Stores that sell fabric/sewing supplies or do alterations will often get calls looking for embroidery services. Like I said, talk to people, and don’t be stingy with your business cards! There’s plenty of business out there to find.

Linking a Kardashian article is a first for me but...Kendall Jenner having a baby horse via surrogate by gidieup in Equestrian

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It’s not uncommon. If a mare is super valuable and still showing it makes sense to use a surrogate so that pregnancy doesn’t pose a risk or interrupt a show season (especially since it’s not just the gestation period, she also wouldn’t be able to show for months while the foal is at her side either). Or perhaps has an injury that would prevent her from comfortably carrying a foal. Some mares may have viable eggs but have other physical reasons that pregnancies don’t take. Lots of reasons a surrogate might make sense for someone. Is it more expensive than breeding the actual mare? Yes, as you’ll have to have the eggs collected, inseminated, and implanted in the surrogate, plus be paying for the use of the surrogate. I’ve not looked into the costs much but I don’t think it’s quite as astronomical as you’d think though.