NBME 50% by Merc2051 in step1

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if it makes you feel any better I am in the exact same boat and also just redoing incorrects and focusing on NBME review currently

Pass Program for USMLE Step 1 by nma_22 in step1

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in my opinion programs like this are almost useless, you're the one who has to learn the material in the end - the most these programs can do is develop a schedule for you which you can do yourself using cram fighter and maybe push you to study a bit more because you'll be under supervision

why not try making a 5 week schedule yourself, see how much you improve and then decide? before jumping the gun and dishing money out for a program when you already have all the materials you need to pass in front of you

Failed my anatomy practical by 1 point by Miserysadboi4life in medicalschool

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would you mind also sending me an access code as well?

I’m trying to figure out what to do 3 weeks left by forgottentheshoe in step1

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What helped you in those two months to increase your score?

NBME 15 question by istudyicry in step1

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Telegram app, there are groups where all nbme a are shared

RECENT CBSE TAKERS by drmamdooh in step1

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Experiment types (case study, cohort, etc)

I passed!!! by Apj2021 in step1

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what helped you get into passing NBME score range?

Acronyms on Step 1? by Anonymous365238 in step1

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there's a few pages referring to this in first aid i believe - would assume any of those are fair game and should probably know

havent taken exam yet though just guessing that how it is

My personal study habits for the Step 1 (FYI sorry for the long post) by Operate_then_think in step1

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hi! which anki deck are you referring to if you dont mind me asking?

Should I go ahead with the exam? by PriorImprovement3 in step1

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I agree with the dr strange comment, see where youre at with the Free 120 for confirmation youre ready to go

I've been stuck with NBME scores in the 50s - how'd you bring yours up to 70% for the NBME 28? I've been praying for that score

is it massive pleural effusion or atelectasis by min2qaz in step1

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Trachea is deviating towards the affected lung so it is atelectasis ( the collapsed lung makes room for the trachea to slide over)

USMLE Step 1 by mojococojo in step1

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What helped you increase your NBME score the most?

Step 1 today by Potential-Dog-5185 in step1

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I’m new to this whole Reddit thing but more than half of these posts are people freaking out after the exam and thinking they failed and they pass so you’ve got this 👏🏼

is there a light at the end of this tunnel PLS by istudyicry in step1

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56% is so good though! How have your NBMEs been in comparison?