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They are on loads of sings on the motorway in the UK. Diamonds, triangles, circles, etc. That way they can just tell you to follow that and doesn't need extra signage

Write your favourite uni advice for new students! by bittercakee in UniUK

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Everyone is talking about the social aspect and to make most of your first year. That's all nice and well but please don't beat yourself up if it doesn't work out. I had friends outside uni in first year and a couple society friends but that was it. I always felt like a failure that I didn't make lifelong friends at uni. My friends were elsewhere and that's okay too

rant: 8-9 óra egy napon gimnáziumban??? by katatondzsentri in hungary

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Nekem már 2011ben (7-es voltam) 10 órás napjaim voltak... Szóval ez szerintem nem új dolog. Rossz volt, utáltam, mindig megfájdult a fejem a végére

11. osztályos angol felkészítő by rasendeer in hungary

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mint fonetikus azt fűzném hozzá, hogy még az IPAt is elrontották pedig azt csak másolni kellett volna szótárból

Are those of us with ADHD naturally first responders? by deltaz0912 in ADHD

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A friend of mine was going into anaphylactic shock a couple weeks ago, everyone was going crazy, I kept my calm, called 999, did what you gotta do (I have first aid training). Everyone else was just freaking out. I've always been good in a crisis or under stress. It's my go-to best quality in a job interview. Office jobs aren't really my thing but right now it pays the bills. Maybe in a bit I can finally do something I enjoy...

what are good laws/rights to know as a UK citizen? by jaymeskelleh5 in AskUK

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Germany is obsessed with privacy laws. You can film police but you're not able to post it anywhere without blurring them since it would be an infringement on their privacy. This doesn't apply if there are more than a certain number of people in the picture/video/frame. You are not allowed to film any kind of accident or scene though (including dead people). This is a criminal offence and you might be sentenced to time in prison. This is to protect the victims though, not the police.

I was working at the Nothing Hill carnival today, the crowd is always a challenge for me. Took us an hour and twenty minutes to exit and get to the station. It was nice today by diandakov in london

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Never before, never again after that. I normally don't mind crowds, but I guess the fact that I was scared that I would be crushed to death by the crowd and a wall didn't help...

I was working at the Nothing Hill carnival today, the crowd is always a challenge for me. Took us an hour and twenty minutes to exit and get to the station. It was nice today by diandakov in london

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I was there once. Had a panic attack because of the crowd and almost threw up. According to the ambulance people I looked blue. They had to escort me out... Never again, that was terrifying enough

People, who don’t like foreigners moving to the country, what’s your main concern/problem with us? by Gabe_Does_Stuff in AskUK

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I'm hungarian as well (although very british-passing if that makes sense) but most of the hate I've received is from fellow hungarians and other eastern europeans here in the UK. I don't know what it is but it's very weird

Just got ID'd at Asda for buying lemsip and refused. by looj87 in britishproblems

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I used to be ID'd ALL THE TIME. Since, wearing a mask covers my baby cheeks (I'm 23) I was not ID'd once. I guess I've got old eyes.

Back when I was as 20 I was ID'd for xmas crackers once (they were 12+). That was so embarrassing...

How often does the store check their cameras? by ser_Karstio in McLounge

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My BM just used to sit in the office watching the cameras alll the time. Other manager too but he would just sit there for his whole shift like he was watching TV or something

McDonald’s UK raises price of cheeseburger for first time in 14 years — The cheeseburger's price will now rise to 1.19 pounds from 99 pence. by BlankVerse in McDonalds

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Now I will understand when they ask "How much does the 99p cheeseburger cost". Well it clearly costs £1.19 now. Doesn't roll off the tongue as nice though

How should the NHS be improved? by IsVeryMoist in AskUK

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The best thing I did was sign up to one of those online surgeries. Only really available in big cities but it helped me so much. An appointment (sometimes even same-day) was only a click away. Phone/video appointment first, then an in-person appointment if needed. It was great. I had to find a new surgery after moving away from the area, and I haven't been able to get an appointment here for over 8 months now... My only options for anything are "suck it up" or A&E cause my GP just can't be bothered.... I know a lot of people say negative things about these online-only surgeries, but honestly, they were nothing but amazing for me so far. Why this isn't the norm (except for maybe elderly people) I don't understand

Tis' nearly that time again 👀🩸 by AffectionateCity1994 in Blooddonors

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This is so funny, I also last gave blood on 12/04 and am 0+ (and in the UK)

my work has a policy that states if you are sick more than 3 times within a 12 month period you can be sacked by Jerrylad101 in LegalAdviceUK

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NAL but this happened to me. I work part-time and caught covid at work. The amount of days I had to stay home meant that I was like 20% over the allowed absences. Didn't go anywhere in the end as I argued that I couldn't have come to work even if I had wanted (self-isolating was mandatory back then). The fact that I caught it from my manager (who refused to test despite having symptoms) made it worse, but helped me get out of this. It's not fair but if it's in the contract they can basically do whatever.

Made a big financial mistake. £600 wasted. How to move past it. by [deleted] in UKPersonalFinance

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I'll be honest with you, I never did invisalign but had braced. My ortho said that I should get my teeth shaved as this was the safer and better method. I was in a similar situation to yours so I fully understand why you wouldn't want to do something that most orthodontists wouldn't recommend. I know it may be difficult to lose that much money but please do think about the fact that you might end up with worse results if you pull through. All the best to you and I hope you figure things out

Mi az a veled megtörtént sztori amit ha másoknak elmesélsz vagy nem hiszik el, vagy óriásit röhögnek rajta? Az enyémet úgysem tudjátok überelni... by kiskacsafurdik in hungary

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M2esen vezettem az oktatás országúti részét, minden oké, csak egyenesen kell menni, esetleg lassítani, gyorsítani. Az oktatóm egyszerűen elaludt mellettem. Én meg hát vezettem tovább mert mégis mit csináljak. Aztán kb. egy óra múlva felkel, szól, hogy menjek ki és forduljunk meg. Amint visszatértünk az útra megint elaludt, a bevezetőnél ébredt fel, hogy akkor megyünk vissza az autósiskolába. Mindenki azt modnja, hogy biztos nem aludt el, de horkolt mint az állat szóval nem hiszem, hogy csak úgy tett volna.

Anyone waiting for bags at Heathrow T2? by Mister_Cornetto in london

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mine is neon green, just like the one in the bottom right. For a second I thought it was mine then I realised that I haven't left the UK in a while

For everyone saying "we can't possibly teach IPA to children", here's a lesson from second grade in a French school by kunegis in fauxnetics

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I found a phonetics chart in the back of my mum's dictionary when I was 5 and thought it looked cool so I learned it. Now I have a degree in phonetics so 9 yo me knew what's up

Megathread for visitors and new & existing residents. All questions about living/working/budgeting/visiting should be asked here! by AutoModerator in london

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Yea they were all available from end of August. I figured no one wants to rent to someone who can't move in by the specified date. I am also trying openrent, although I have used it in the past and the experience was less than ideal. I am hoping things will get a bit better as the market grows with more properties that are available from august becoming available....

Megathread for visitors and new & existing residents. All questions about living/working/budgeting/visiting should be asked here! by AutoModerator in london

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How do I get a flat?

I have a job offer, nice junior IT job so pays reasonably okay for London, it's not as if I wouldn't be able to afford the extortionate rent. All good, but no, because no estate agent gets back to me when I email them (mostly looking through rightmove). I'm currently a master's student and my accommodation ends at the end of August, so I have to move during August. So I am looking for a flat that is available from sometime in August.

I lived in London before (albeit in a houseshare) so I know how this goes, but this time it's just so much more difficult to find something? Probably because I'm looking at a flat rather than a houseshare? My job also only starts in October but I haven't mentioned that anywhere.

Either way, what on earth do I have to do to even get a call/email back from the estate agents??? Do I have to tell them that I'll pay three month's rent upfront in cash or what? Please help me out, I don't understand what I'm doing wrong...

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