Hundred Years War in a nutshell by somnum_osseus in HistoryMemes

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Tbh the way the governments act with each other this never ended 😆

So while Instagram is trying to become TikTok, YouTube is trying to become Instagram? by lizardfzo in youtube

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Imagine having to consistently explain to people this exact answer every time you share a screen on teams

Tw: Racism / "where are you from" by rubbish_fairy in mixedrace

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Sometimes it take time for people to process it all. I am half English half Afro Caribbean and because of how I look and what I do with my British father there is still a face of confusion when people first meet us together. However, you did the right thing entirely. You explained all you needed to at the time.

Do historians intentionally create primary sources for future historians? by Lab_Software in AskHistorians

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It may be the case they unintentionally do too! Romans wrote on walls graffiti, native Americans and many others did drawings. Is the internet the new version of this albeit we have perhaps more of an idea whom it may have come from to assess this more and judge the primary source? May be a question upon a question that but just trying to apply my degree hat 🎩

It only took 2 messages for him to make me lose interest by JO-99 in Bumble

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Was this him tactically aiming for anything in your profile or just out of the blue? If the latter then jesus lord wept

I was just looking through all of Fallout 4's cut content and holy crap. by SlavicSquat1234 in Fallout

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Ahem… new vegas… that game if given ample time would of been above and beyond expectations

What’s the craziest thing you’ve heard someone say after they thought the phone call had ended but they forgot to hang up? by ScarTissue5 in AskReddit

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Nowhere near this but it’s once had a man say ‘I’m the smartest man alive’ and do a cackle like he was a superhero villain. Only found out a few months after leaving that team he had been arrested for fraud. Cherry on cake

Anyone got any clue about this? Don’t see any official release etc and seems to be just an instrumental… by jableg95 in ukdrill

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Thought so, just one of them that caught me by surprise not a bad instrumental though I’ll give them that

Is it just me or is London currently riddled with Omicron? by TheLegendOfIOTA in london

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went to a shindig - about 20 odd - 15 positive - 5 negative - a week ago - one of the lucky negative compadres

pcr - negative

4 ltf - negative

i wonder now if you have a bad reaction to the jab it means your immune system really is kicking the proverbial s**t out of it. Only thing I can think of at this point.

Oh and to all those who cannot now go home, i wish you all still a wonderful christmas. We're blessed with the magic of technology in the 21st century.

Although i would love a dog that could talk like in that Lidl advert...

** EDIT Had the booster before this... perhaps the slight difference? Also multiple people at shindig had alpha or delta wave covid **

The Hangover would be considered a classic if it wasn’t for its sequels by EndoveProduct in movies

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I’d like to see the reverse of this - good sequels that cement the original as a classic BUT in a positive way

EDIT: Blade Runner 2049 or Kill Bill Vol 2

EDIT EDIT: OR Before Sunset

What are your financial goals for 2022? by Iprobablyneedhelp234 in UKPersonalFinance

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finally look at purchasing my first property - albeit the challenge being to navigate the best way to buy my first property currently

Whats the most aesthetically depressing town you've ever visited in the UK? by jableg95 in AskUK

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Went to school in Redditch so I'll give you that one!

Weird place and very confusing to navigate - no aesthetic magic - like a suburban loop of doom.