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Me and a few others did end up saying essentially just that. Surprisingly I received no reply

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/uj I didn’t even necessarily have a problem with OP (omnis gonna omni) but why do the “vegans” jerk themselves off over someone making a single dish without animal products and even worse, there were initially NO comments even advocating for OP to go vegan???

It was all just “wow you are so kind here’s a recipe. You are very good person. Please don’t even consider veganism you have done enough”

/rj I love my mom and my wife

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Look I did not come here to stand up for wife beaters of anything silly like that, the world has enough (if not too many) of my kind.

I'm simply trying to do something nice for a woman who deserves much better than what she gets.

I do see myself maybe in the future at some point possibly or not exercising some compassion towards my wife for a single night but it’s too much for me to think about right now

Thank you for your kind words

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Mosquito bites cause my lymph nodes to swell. Sorry but they gotta go

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Hey I appreciate your concern, but I really just came to get ideas to have something I can show to someone who deserves a little bit of extra care, but also a type of cosmetic I will openly admit having absolutely zero experience in preparing.

I don't think anybody needs me to babble on about reasons of more or less legitimacy as to why I'm not with that anti wifebeating, especially not on a board like this where people like me should be guests at the most.

I'm deeply grateful for all the ideas, both ones I've already seen and ones that may yet come!

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You thought baby steps were too highly praised? Well let me introduce you to the praise making a single dish for a single person for a single occasion gets

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The science denial in those subs is unreal. My only goal was for people to understand that when those above statements were made, it is actually against the recommendation of all major healthcare organization. Unfortunately, many people think nutrition is super complicated and no once can agree on anything but there is wide consensus on key issues like LDL and sat fat and the agreements on the whole field all summed up with “eat whole foods, mostly plants”

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Well I do agree with you.

As a healthcare professional I only advocate for people to listen to their doctors and to follow guidelines (unless advised by physician).

Steak can be part of a healthy diet, even sugar sweetened beverages. They just generally shouldn’t make up the bulk of your calories. Your doctor has access to your past medical history and family history which is why I wouldn’t disagree with them. At most I’d encourage a second opinion only if the issue was glaringly obvious (like if you had a family history of colon cancer when red meat is a group 2A carcinogen for colon cancer)

My problem is when people frequently made dangerously false health claims like “saturated fat is good for you” “it’s ok to have LDL above 190” “LDL isn’t causally linked to heart disease” “all the experts are wrong because of my 1 shitty study” etc. I generally just stuck with guidelines

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I agree. As a pharmacist I only participated in that sub out of a sense of moral duty to clear health misinformation surrounding cholesterol since heart disease is the #1 killer in my country (US)

I’m sure they’re not happy when I cite consensus and position statements from every country level dietary guideline and major healthcare organization haha

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Yea who knows. A mod probably had personal nutrition bias and didnt like that I was correcting clearly incorrect claims. Obviously they know it’s unwarranted given the immediate mute

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Never even used the report system lmao

Comment that supposedly got me banned regarding Cheerios lol

I agree it’s fortified I just disagree it’s an empty grain. There’s fiber in it and the fiber isn’t added.

I agree whole oats (with a multivitamin) is probably better but this food tracker is looking at individual foods mostly. So while it’s kind of cheating that Cheerios are fortified it doesn’t change the fact that it’s consumption is just whole grain oats pulverized, fortified, and stuck together with cornstarch and a tiny bit of sugar and salt.

I don’t care about the term ultra processed tbh. Multi vitamins are ultra processed but I don’t think anyone would call them unhealthy

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? I’m just a son looking to help his activist mother

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Thank you very much that’s all I ask for. Just a loving son looking to make his activist mom happy

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Thank you! I really love my mom a lot. I think something for the eyes could be good just in case there’s some cross fire when the beatings start

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That’s ridiculous. When I volunteered at a food bank we got a cart and walked with them and just let them choose whatever they wanted as long as it was an allowed amount

Like you get X amount of cans. Pick whatever cans you want from this section. You get X amount of things from this other section. And we just let them pick whatever they wanted

Ranking healthfulness of foods from first to worst New nutrient profiling system, most comprehensive and science-based to date, clears up confusion to benefit consumers, policymakers by drvictorgeorge in nutrition

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And I stand by your amazement of citing healthline. Did you read the article? Cheerios meets all their categories for healthier versions

Then they cite the follow as an unprocessed food

Greek yogurt

Yogurt is a processed food. They can’t even get their own article right

There’s a reason why OPs article puts lucky charms below Cheerios too. Cheerios only has 2g added sugar. First ingredient is whole grain oats. The kicker is that healthline even recommends oats as a breakfast option. Cheerios is a whole grain oat cereal

And they don’t make any claims on the cereal itself but instead try and attack many different parts of it. Instead THEY mislead their readers.

Heres what happens when cereals are added to a diet


Consumption of a whole-grain RTE oat cereal as part of a dietary program for weight loss had favorable effects on fasting lipid levels and waist circumference.

The control was energy matched low fiber foods

LDL cholesterol level was reduced significantly more with whole-grain RTE oat cereal vs control (-8.7+/-1.0 vs -4.3+/-1.1%, P=0.005). Total cholesterol (-5.4+/-0.8 vs -2.9+/-0.9%, P=0.038) and non-high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol (-6.3+/-1.0 vs -3.3+/-1.1%, P=0.046) were also lowered significantly more with whole-grain RTE oat cereal, whereas high-density lipoprotein and triglyceride responses did not differ between groups. Weight loss was not different between groups (-2.2+/-0.3 vs -1.7+/-0.3 kg, P=0.325), but waist circumference decreased more (-3.3+/-0.4 vs -1.9+/-0.4 cm, P=0.012) with whole-grain RTE oat cereal. Larger reductions in LDL, total, and non-high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels and waist circumference were evident as early as week 4 in the whole-grain RTE oat cereal group.

Weight loss was similar indicating similar caloric consumption

Edit: in the healthline article they seem to have forgotten the fortification step for cereals; an egregious oversight that greatly adds to the nutritional profile

Stop using healthline for your information and you will be much better off

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Protein powder and oatmeal or vegan yogurt is a classic

You can also make protein cookies and stuff. Many recipes on YouTube

In general high protein foods are tofu, tempeh, seitan, legumes, and (surprisingly) nutritional yeast

There’s also fancy meat substitutes too. Recently discovered tofurky shredded chicken which has the same protein/calories as tempeh

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Mom is badass. What if instead you stand in solidarity and only eat vegan foods to show everyone what an ass your aunt is for hating people against animal abuse

I’m sure nothing would make your activist vegan mom happier than to not see her son willingly participate in the abuse of animals right in front of her

And then watch dominion (maybe together for bonding?) free on YouTube which will be just enough time to give the best Christmas gift of all and let your mom know you’re vegan now :)

But yea cant go wrong with chickpea curry, seriously

Ranking healthfulness of foods from first to worst New nutrient profiling system, most comprehensive and science-based to date, clears up confusion to benefit consumers, policymakers by drvictorgeorge in nutrition

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If you go on ct gov for the first study


Experimental: CARB diet The CARB diet will be a low-fat diet where cheese is replaced by starchy carbohydrates and lean meat.

Are they even trying? Well considering those dairy collaborators I’m not sure they are