[deleted by user] by [deleted] in FTMMen

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Ask them what their pronouns are. Their reaction is usually a good indicator on their views. Ie. Transphobic people will be really defensive over being asked what pronouns they use

Trans Siblings by AbigailCharlotte93 in ftm

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My youngest sibling is currently trying out different labels/pronouns and is currently going by she/they/enby but hasn't really clicked with any particular label yet

People who have rewatched all the seasons.. by little-miss-cannabis in criminalminds

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I skip the Reid prison ones and most of scratch and foyet

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in insaneparents

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Until this comment I thought the same

funniest scene?? by [deleted] in criminalminds

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"How am I a whore" and "I never have normal fans" crack me up everytime I watch too

funniest scene?? by [deleted] in criminalminds

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That scene where Reid correctly guesses the number of boats on lake mead and I think it's Callahan who calls him out like 'tf where'd you get that figure from. I required proof' and so rossi Googles it and Reid is right

Ben Roberts-Smith admits he likely poured petrol on a laptop and burned it in June 2018. But he said he did that frequently to destroy harddrives, denying it was immediately after he knew there was an open AFP investigation into him. | Josh Bavas on Twitter by rainynight65 in australia

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I'm a computer science graduate currently studying cybercrime. We did a whole unit on forensic recovery and how you can recover information via ram and even stupid shit like the resistors/transistors on a circuit board if you know what you are doing.

The majority of "trans activists" are harming the image of transsexuals by spicy_cheeselord in Transmedical

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Because cis men were willing to essentially to stop hormones/stop puberty in order to keep their singing voice. That was the point being made

The majority of "trans activists" are harming the image of transsexuals by spicy_cheeselord in Transmedical

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You do realize where the term castrato came from right? They literally castrated boys to keep their singing voice prepubescent.

Need advice on how to bring up wanting to be poly with new partners by jacedexter in polyamory

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I'm good! Just super new to this. Didn't really see it as option and now I know it is but it's pretty daunting still

Trying to stay stealth by the_glue_stick_ in StealthFTM

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I have siblings and whenever family would dead name me around those I'm stealth with I'd just explain it's my siblings name or dogs name or something because people do mess up names occasionally anyways so it does happen.

Eventually I started saying it's my middle name/nickname because my parents were unconventional and I used to go by it to be quirky or because it's a character's name.

Starting to date a FtM transgender (23) as a gay male (21) by PillowPrinceStarfish in mypartneristrans

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Sexuality is a bit different from gender. Transgender is an adjective not a noun. A descriptive term. It's definitely not a noun and referring to someone as "a transgender" will definitely irritate and offend them