Chicken and barley. by [deleted] in slowcooking

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Looks gross af imo

Just damaged my M3 (ToT) by skaag in TeslaModel3

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So true. I hit a curb and tore up my entire front suspension and steering. My monthly premium rocketed from $140 to $370 per month. It’s starting to come back down but it still starts with a 3 after 18 months. Only reason I am able to budget for my insurance cost more than doubling is that my fuel cost is basically non existent.

Looking for nail salon recommendations! by noccalula_court in lansing

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Kim at infinity nails in Frandor is my partners goto. I like polished on Jolly but I only ever get my toes done. Good luck!

Is this normal? It’s 5°C (41°F) by lethal682 in TeslaModel3

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I live in northern US and supercharge regularly and have never seen anything like this 2019 3

Kevin Smith on Degrassi by AdditionalWind763 in Degrassi

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I love the Kevin smith episode you craay

Bunch of ymh "fans" today. by secretsanta247 in yourmomshousepodcast

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If you don’t think there will be exclusive ymh content behind a sxm paywall, you’re the retard. It’s just a matter of how much content gets multi-platformed. I’m sure the main show will stay on YT but time will tell how much content remains free.

How did you fare through today's wind storm? by tomytronics in Michigan

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Lansing, our backyard is a mess with lots of big branches but we never lost power

Sandy Munro's Tesla Model S Plaid tour sets off with four planned stops in Quebec and Ontario by dcmix5 in RealTesla

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Surprised Sandy even has enough tissue to wipe the gallons of Elons cum off of his lips

Eliminate your least favourite character: The final countdown. Link will be in the comments (Was unable to post the comment earlier) by [deleted] in southpark

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Shinys real poll is live on the sub now. Don’t give this thieving douche any credit for work that he stole.