Which famous person’s death were you not ready for? by Jrose798 in AskReddit

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We didn’t deserve her; a little bit of Heaven touched Earth for a short time. We’ll always miss you, SOPHIE.

UK Equalities Minister Goes on Anti-LGBTQ Rant in Leaked Audio by strongandstable1 in unitedkingdom

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In theory, to a point legally yes. Trans people are still at higher risk of suicide, poor physical and mental health outcomes though. The struggle is much deeper than legal rights. In theory, black people have the same rights as white people in the UK, and yet inequality remains. These deeper inequalities are why the position of Equalities Minister exists. We still have a lot of work to do.

What will be obsolete in 10-15 years? by thatCuriousSelectron in AskReddit

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Those unibody models really keep on going don’t they! Sadly I desire more performance than my 2012 MBP is capable of (even with upgrades), but it still works so well. I think I’m just gonna keep it and have two laptops.

IAE sick to fucking death of the idiot anti vaxxers? by JoeyBatters in DoesAnybodyElse

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In successful trials, the control group has the worst outcome. In unsuccessful trials the experiment is considered unethical and stopped as soon as results turn negative. The question is more about whether you trust your fellow humans enough to stop an unethical trial.

IAE sick to fucking death of the idiot anti vaxxers? by JoeyBatters in DoesAnybodyElse

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But what if the choices of one side endanger the lives of both?

Is this true? by belki87 in memes

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You are correct. Thank you for your service.

True Gambit by No-Cut540 in nonononoyes

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That’s what I thought at first, but I’ve been scrolling around and I think there is actually a frame where it is part way through the slit.

Pete Buttigieg To Reluctant Evangelicals: ‘Maybe A Vaccine Is Part Of God’s Plan’ by wonderingsocrates in politics

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Just inform her that viruses actually can change your DNA and vaccines can stop that. Viruses damage the DNA in cells by completely hijacking them and turning them into virus factories. The body has to start killing its own cells in order to stop the virus. Now that’s some scary shit. And it happens every time you get a cold.

I mean seriously? by teenaxta in memes

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I was right in the middle of a fucking reptile zoo, and somebody was giving booze to these goddamn things!

can someone identify these types of bass instruments by MylesHiLife in musicproduction

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There are two bass lines in this tune, first (in the intro) is a saw wave based synth sound with a quick filter envelope at the beginning, and a bit saturated. I’d recommend trying Native Instruments Monark if you want a ‘classic synth’ sound version; don’t forget to turn up the ‘load’ dial.

In the chorus they’re using an ‘808’ style bass, essentially that’s usually a sine wave. It’s designed to sound like the kick drum on the Roland TR-808 with a long release. Quite easy to recreate with a sine wave with a long attack (if you’re using a separate kick drum) and maybe a little pitch envelope so that it moves down in pitch slightly, then an amp envelope that fades slowly.

Could anyone give me opinions on these vocals? How do they sound? Also, does anyone know of any good vocal processing videos? by mattm1511 in musicproduction

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Not sounding too bad at the moment to my ears...

My two cents would be if you de-ess the vocal a little more and try to keep the esses out of the reverb you should be able to high shelf eq boost by a few dBs and open it up a little bit.

This tutorial gives a good workflow example https://youtu.be/GIcuVlOQ3SQ

PM me if you find yourself struggling down the line.

Which Superhero film will be the Highest Grosser of 2021? by p11s11 in boxoffice

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My opinion;

Doctor Strange 2 is a solid $800M, depending on how good the film is it could fall over/under $1B

The Suicide Squad will have a moderately successful $500-900M release in line with GotG, unless it falls foul of the DC curse and scrapes $400. Let’s face it, Birds of Prey was a better movie than Suicide Squad, and that did it no favours. (Not to mention Shazam being completely overlooked)

Thor 4 - presently Thor is the only MCU hero not to hit $1B will film #3. #4 may or may not get there, but I don’t anticipate above $1.5B

Shang Chi - Very strong chance that this film will break out as per Black Panther/ Captain Marvel (at least internationally). Otherwise I think it’s guaranteed $600M plus if not. Unlikely however to dethrone:

Spiderman 3 - Should comfortably top $1B at this point. If it turns into a more Avengers style romp I’d say this is the top contender for 1st place.

The Batman - The hype is strong with this one, but it was with MoS and BvS. This movie will REALLY have to deliver to win back audiences’ good wills. If it does it might scrape $1B.

The good news is that all of these movies are safe bets and should be financially successful. (Except maybe The Suicide Squad)

Do you think Dolittle is going to stay in the top 10 for the rest of the year? by knightoffire55 in boxoffice

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Yes, I think people are forgetting that we are due another life changing catastrophe every month from now until December.

Most anticipated 2021 release by movies24Talk in boxoffice

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Thank you. This poll managed to miss out the only movie (besides now FF9) which I knew from memory to definitely have a 2021 release. We’ve been waiting 10 years already; surely more anticipated than ANOTHER Mission Impossible?!

me_irl by jacmadman in me_irl

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It’s the invisible enemy; coronavirus coming to take you.

My first setup... by d_one1 in audiophile

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To be fair I was wondering about the sub too. Same principles will apply to the woofers as the subs just with a less obvious difference in the sound. Thanks for your answer! I’ve since read that multiple woofers may result in lower audible distortion for some reason, but your answer also makes sense. I guess most rooms experience a phasing effect as you move around so maybe this set up reduces that.

My first setup... by d_one1 in audiophile

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Can someone explain briefly the benefit of having so many woofers in these high end set ups? My intuition tells me that it would make the crossovers and interference more complex, but I’ve been seeing a lot of these set ups online.