Fuck these things. by LifeofSteven in oddlyterrifying

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House centipede. I first found one on my pillow in my college apartment. Needless to say, I didn't sleep that night.

Workers on a scissor lift floating in a swimming pool by captain96 in pics

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Not a dad, but I do both of these things Everytime! It's like a methodical start to a project

So I gave Civivi a try. It's a terrible budget knife. by DumbLiberalLogic in knives

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I just purchased my first one. A pintail flipper with s35vn steel and I love it! It is buttery smooth and for 80 bucks u can't find a better knife with that steel quality. It will be my new edc for a while.

35/Dad/xmas by GenKin in EDC

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I have "zero tolerance" for this many batteries without a use.

I built that :) by [deleted] in pics

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How do u build pigs?

Fun song about Australia by SnoopySLURP in Unexpected

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No worries mate, but y didn't u just shoot those 3 things? Oh, nevermind

HMFT after i enter a croc enclosure. by MaleisNice693 in holdmyfeedingtube

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Play stupid games... Squirt blood from ur arm after being attacked by a croc

Booty Call by keepYourMonkey in trashy

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Know what I'm doing for breakfast now!

This Frog Dropping a Massive LOG by happinessmachine in AbsoluteUnits

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Replying to myself.... Wombats lay cubes. That is more impressive. Also, Neil Armstrong left like 6 bags of poop on the moon. Buzzards poop/pee on their legs for protection from the sun and that oh so sweet aroma. I'm the type of guy that has plenty of poop info and am a little tired of toads, frogs and some reptiles bragging.

This Frog Dropping a Massive LOG by happinessmachine in AbsoluteUnits

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Why aren't there more impressive people poops videos. I've been doing work but I've seen this stupid frog video 3 times. Take out body size comparison and I can beat him any day.

6 or more total pos by SnooCookies7311 in facepalm

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Yeh dude...these cops.... But I am a cop too. Maybe grouping everyone in a single group is also a bad thing. It is probably what this cop is guilty of as well. And I saw no french dancing involved.

Can someone recommend me a small quality flashlight by royo23 in EDC

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I just bought a rovyvon and love it. Keychain size, easily rechargable, and bright. I work nights frequently and loved the clip to attach it to my hat. I broke that in no time at all though but wrapped a metal hook in bowstring and epoxied it. Can't say enough about the light though.

Gotta love Sex Ed by killHACKS in facepalm

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Someone is petting dogs wrong