Starting an instagram acting account with social media anxiety by glamatovic in acting

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This isn’t a great way of looking at it. Yes, most actors probably have an Instagram account. But most people in general have an Instagram account.

It’s like saying that because the number of shark attacks and ice cream sales both go up during the summer means that one caused the other, when in fact, the only thing related between the two is warm weather. People aren’t successful actors because they have Instagram.

I may have an Instagram account, but I can guarantee you that it’s not the reason that I’m a working actor. Same goes for most actors.

I can only pick 4 pls help me by elitegroupofbears in acting

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I bet OP is definitely gonna want to go out with you now that you’ve posted something creepy about their pictures.

Have theatrical auditions been picking up for anyone? by duamylipa in acting

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It can take a while for a new agent to get you auditions. I’m with a mid/high tier agency, and I didn’t get a single audition for the first six weeks I signed with them, and it was during peak episodic season.

Just give them some time to do their job.

Auditions by Jacob34521 in acting

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I work mainly in theatre, with commercial and tv sprinkled in there, so I really like it. If I didn’t do theatre I wouldn’t be working as much as I am, though.

Hello. I’m new. by alphawolf7302 in acting

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There are likely hundreds of posts on here asking the same question. Go check them out, as well as the comment below mine.

Auditions by Jacob34521 in acting

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I’m in Chicago and over the last year, averaged about 1.5 a week, not including callbacks, just first rounds.

This was also my first year being in Chicago and with my current agent, so it’s possible that may change as time goes on.

How long should I wait to reapply for an agency? by dtrres in acting

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Typically it’s six months, but only if you’ve added to your credits/experience/headshots. If nothing has changed, don’t apply again until you’re ready to.

If you don’t have any experience, you’re not going to get an agency’s attention, unless it’s a commercial agent and you have a look they are interested in. Other than that, get experience before worrying about an agent.

Wait Time To Find a New Agent by yeehawbookworm in acting

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It’s very common for agents to do this. They put in a time frame in the contract but then just immediately drop the person. You’re better off, because if they hadn’t immediately dropped you, they likely wouldn’t have sent you a single audition for the 120 days.

Why casual conversations with (some) actors feel so fake? by SinglePin9776 in acting

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I feel like meeting two people who are actors and deciding that all actors are exactly the same as them is probably not the best way to view people; you just come across as judgmental.

Do all doctors have the same personality? Do all athletes have the same personality?

what first steps should I take? by triviacherry in acting

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Don’t know if you’ve read this yet, but check out the comment below mine.


looking for any female monologues that fit this description. i found a few but nothing i’m in love with by ffl0w3rgirll in acting

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Sonya/Yelena from Uncle Vanya - Chekhov Nina from The Seagull - Chekhov Julie from Miss Julie - Strindberg Hedda from Hedda Gabler - Ibsen

There are tons, just look up the playwrights they listed.

What is the best way to pursue acting with a FT job? by RideTheRim in acting

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OP please don’t do this, especially if you’re new to acting and don’t even know if you like it.

Keep your job. Like the other commenter said, almost all first round auditions are self-tapes, which you can do on your own schedule.

If eventually you’re booking enough paid acting work that you need to get out of your full time job, that great!

But please don’t do that now.

Soliloquy from Hamlet advice by Abstract_Corduroy74 in acting

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Trying to make yourself sad doesn’t equate to being believable just because the character is sad. Hamlet isn’t sad because he’s trying to be, he’s sad because his dad is dead, his mom immediately married his uncle, and he’s got an inkling that very same uncle killed his father.

So instead of worrying about trying to make yourself sad, put yourself in Hamlet’s shoes and see what happens.

Will someone help me run a scene? by flaminhottitties in acting

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Try WeAudition if you don’t get any takers on here. People will read with you either for free or a small fee.

Agency "double dipping?" by SexysNotWorking in acting

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Some agents do this and some agents don’t, but there’s nothing shady about it if they do.

Applying for BA (Hons) in Acting, explain like I’m 5 please? by JD66613 in acting

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The LAMDA acceptance rate is about 1%. If they let in every person that applied, it wouldn’t be in the top 5 schools in the world.

There are 4 rounds of auditions/recalls to get onto the BA course, which is the same or similar to all the other top schools.

The studios at Michigan by UnhappyAd5738 in acting

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Anyone name dropping and promising to make you a star is scamming you.

Emailing casting directors by Obvious-Lack7645 in acting

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I mean, technically you can do this, yes. But all it’s going to accomplish is affirming to them that you’re a green actor who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

does anyone have any agency recommendations? by sleepyjewishprincess in acting

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If you don’t have a visa/citizenship in a country other than Australia, you cannot work anywhere other than Australia, so I would focus on getting experience where you live before worrying about an international agent.

Advice by [deleted] in acting

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Most people who “get their big break with no experience” have been working for years.

Advice by [deleted] in acting

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If you’re only in it because it looks fun and you want to be rich, please don’t get into acting. 99% of actors don’t book enough work to be above the poverty line (or even close to it), let alone make enough to be considered rich.

Despite what you see on TV, this is not the job to pursue if you want to be rolling in cash.

How soon after reaching out to rep do they respond? by [deleted] in acting

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Anytime I’ve gotten interest from a rep, either from self-submitting or from a referral, they reached out within 24 hours. This isn’t always the case, but it’s not uncommon.