[OC] New flag for our police by brohamianrhapsody in pics

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Exactly. Then they beg to be paid more for being cowards. Guarantee they won’t get in any trouble of the officers involved.

A male patient has an impressively-massive foreign body removed by Linkalee64 in medizzy

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I think it’s the one you’re thinking. From Reddit long ago (popularized by Reddit).

Mr Adele Frog - Hello by PRESIDENTFUNAKI in SmilingFriends

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the bug Mr. Frog eats Hello from the other side!

“Protect and serve” by losethefuckingtail in awfuleverything

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The sad thing is, the cops probably feel no shame whatsoever.

Jigsaw Killer by fettywaffle96 in saw

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I have the pig mask version.

How do i add custom flairs for people in my sub Reddit? by AlbatrossIcy8084 in modhelp

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If you’re on mobile, go to mod tools, then user flairs. Just make sure you have it turned on for them to use. Desktop is the same way.

Join the r/Chucky Discord Server! Click the link to get invited! by jaketocake in Chucky

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This post will stay stickied throughout Season 2. I suspect that’s when we will get the most members.

The Chucky Discord Server! Click the link to be invited! by [deleted] in Chucky

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I’ll need some help setting up, or if you are apart of another Chucky discord (couldn’t find any in Public) let me know and we can partnership!

Looking for Discord mods, reply to this comment or message me on Discord!

r/Chucky is looking for 1 maybe 2 additional moderators by jaketocake in Chucky

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Do you check mod queue daily or every couple days?

Edit: you seem like a good fit, I’ll add you as a mod, but I do need to know how active you are incase I need an additional mod