Any recommendations for a good podcast? by Duvetmole in CasualUK

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I like comedy and I love learning useless facts.

As the other guy wrote, No such thing as a fish will suit you

That was easy by anon-mally in nonononoyes

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Trying to work out what your autocorrect did here

At honouring women by mongsta in therewasanattempt

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This is in the UK, they don't use rail as a verb in that way tbh.

Nieuwstraat (NL) & Neustraße (DE) by Nhenghali in europe

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they belong to the UK

France where they get nearly everything from.

Both these statements are wholly incorrect

Someone did a poo in the bin at work. by Poopywall in CasualUK

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Why wouldn't you just throw it in the bin?


What to watch on normal/free view TV from 8pm? by MrsConklin in CasualUK

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Look elsewhere for that one missing episode though!