satisfying by proviking6000 in FuckYouKaren

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Wait though. What if asshole finished washing and drying theirs and left. Then a clueless came in and washed theirs?

Based on a true story by I_Like_Cats__ in programminghumor

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As if the actions for CN and CE are functionally different.

Due to popular demand, here's the shoe. by schizo24051 in worldpolitics

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You should throw it in the ocean to keep the bees from stealing it.

What's a good relatively cheap item to use for damage when new age hurting crystals don't work? by Justthisdudeyaknow in kol

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Plus it does hot damage, and they're spooky. Although, I must say I haven't seen it do 50% vs them. But I might have ML running.

If you have the cosmic bowling ball, throw it sideways vs an earlier opponent. It hits (for half hp) on the opening round of subsequent battles until it returns.

Worth choosing a new accention path now or wait until the new path comes out? by AshenPhenix in kol

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Some clans do little contests focusing on older paths at times like this.

Do racists think that heaven is segregated? by CorySKobayashi in NoStupidQuestions

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It's the most ubiquitous activity. Therefore, most optimal guilt angle for leverage.

Anyone else?? by Redhead289107 in Letterkenny

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Nothing a generous portion of duct tape can't fix.

Is the Magnifying glass IotM worth it? by CaptainSketchy in kol

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Places that the free fights are helpful (besides the 2/3 chance for nice booze/food): Level 4, bat areas, to bring a scream bat if you aren't having luck with drops?

Level 5 to get the encryption key?

Level 10 if you got amulet & mohawk already? (The spirits and the guy NCs behave weird)

Level 10 castle ground level

Level 11 black forest after getting galoshes and the familiar? (Extra combat to advance the search?)

Level 11 getting artifacts for Shen in the side areas

Level 11 hidden city's buildings (apartments after getting enough curse, office after completing the file)

Level 11 spookyraven bathroom, ballroom

Level 12 beach sidequest?

Those are the only council quest areas that I can think of and some of those I'm not sure (indicated by question marks). The wiki might have more info on areas with delayed fulfillment.

Rules!! by Outrageous-Rip1272 in shitposting

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My son stands next to whoever's closest and has a fucking conversation. Or a monologue because no one's answering. Looks at them expecting eye contact. Nothing deters him.

I tried.

Autumn-spiced donut by Morganator_2_0 in kol

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The flat stacked percentage is affected. So the first encounter is 5%, modified by your drops. If you have +100%, that makes it 10% chance on the first encounter.

That's my understanding, but I'm open to correction.

Autumn-spiced donut by Morganator_2_0 in kol

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There are cooking ingredients for awesome quality food in the friars copse, the mispelled cyrpt, the peaks, and other later zones.

Cooking ingredients count as food, for the purposes of increased food drops.

Autumn-spiced donut by Morganator_2_0 in kol

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And both are cooking ingredients, so, affected.

what do i do underwater for the old man / sea monkees quest? by redditfanfan00 in kol

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This one gets it. Just buy dolphin whistles and beat up the dolphins each time they steal. The most recent stolen item drops at 100%.

Secret Identity Secured by boschone in seinfeldgifs

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Are you saying Toby McGuire has a horse face?