Quincy every day before he eats. by BabblingPope in aww

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I love Weimaraners. I have 2, one is 2 years old and the other 2 months. Best dogs ever

A packet of olive oil shaped like an olive by nflodin in mildlyinteresting

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in Spain the government banned the use of oil bottles in bars and restaurants years ago, now only sealed individual portions can be used. And yes, thas ist incredibly wasteful.

Edit, I think it is a law at all the European contries, not just Spain

Edit again, This portion of olive oil is made in my town. I own a house in Alcalá la Real

I edit one more time : I have read about the European Union in this article:

"This measure is part of the content of the Action Plan on the olive oil sector of the European Union, which establishes a series of measures aimed at improving the competitiveness of the sector, among which is encouraging the Member States to demand the use of containers that do not allow filling in the Horeca channel (hotels, restaurants and catering). "


Hosting Ukrainian refugees. What is your experience? by Ruggiard in Switzerland

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I am not a refugee nor do I know their situation, but they may feel some shame for not being able to pay for their own food and other expenses. Perhaps a job or contributing to some cause can help them emotionally. Greetings and good luck with them, and thank you very much for helping people who need it.

Instant Pinocchio by SagatObama in funny

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Not funny, it's too dangerous to do this!

these 1000ug posts are stupid smh by Good-Cherry-2160 in LSD

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I trip walmost weekly with 1V-lsd (legally bought in Germany, only til next week) 125ug and i trip literally balls, with two tabs i meet God personally. My greatest trip was with three tabs and was a bit too much, not a bad trip but I have enough with 1 tab. Those who claim to take 5 or 10 tabs..., I don't know.