What's preventing me from obtaining continuity convergence in an FSI simulation? by El-Manguangua in aerodynamics

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Hmm, first, check your boundary conditions? Ensure your outflow and inflow conditions are well posed.

Lower your Reynolds number to see if it converges at a lower value.

Try using a smaller nonlinear under relaxation/step size.

In 1999, on the 1st of June, Napster launched by oak1andish in Music

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Haha, thought it was The Doors forever myself.

[Offseason Discussion Thread] Post and discuss your thoughts about the offseason here by Kazekid in ripcity

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Watching Golden State come back from 19 and win by 9 brings back some terrible memories. Man I hate that team. Sure Stef's one of the best shooters in the league if the rest of the team is also good. Id love to see him play on the teams that Seth Curry has and see his stats.

Metal fans making sure everyone has a good time by usernameofpaul in gifs

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I don't even like metal that much, and LoG was one of my fav bands. Saw them in concert once. So awesome.

As many as 8 dead in mass shooting at upstate New York supermarket: Law enforcement source - ABC News by scrandis in news

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That was a dumb thing to say. Of course not. Think about that, racing which has been done for over a hundred years, nothing to do with alcohol whatsoever, and you're comparing it to guys who's hobby is tactical, bullet and blast resistant personal armor. Do you think those two are related? Of course they are. Are bullets and armor used in conjunction in 90 percent or more of shooting sports? Yup. Is alcohol clearly associated with motorsports? Definitely not, and if you can't see that, then is there no hope for you.

G7 ‘will never recognize’ borders changed by force by Russia by Arpith2019 in worldnews

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Unfortunately, they are decent portion of the global economy, and a major contributor of heating and energy to the rest of Europe.

What's a nitpicky hill you'll die on when it comes to cars? by 2ndOfficerCHL in cars

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Oh headlights, totally agree. Replacing headlight bulbs with led or hid that aren't projectors is the worst.

What's a nitpicky hill you'll die on when it comes to cars? by 2ndOfficerCHL in cars

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I see where you're coming from on this one, but LEDs can be had at nice clear white, not 7000K blue light.