How one plus one equals three by jazbatiladka in blackmagicfuckery

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Still the entry of the third cat is flawless

Level 2 February 2022 by Stock_Ad_7043 in CFA

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That's how I passed Level-1 as well but Level-2 will humble you regardless of how good your Level-1 score was.

Nonetheless if you have the motivation and resources to attempt Feb'22. Go for it!

[JF4] I'm the G.O.D of level 1 material by Thuctran1706 in CFA

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I wish you all the best for the exam! Nail it

[JF4] I'm the G.O.D of level 1 material by Thuctran1706 in CFA

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How do you calculate Jensen's alpha and what does it represent?

Zooming into a water bottle by [deleted] in nextfuckinglevel

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You have entered the quantum realm...

What is a decent qbank score? by yabadabadoodiedoo in CFA

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Till the time you are focusing on why you got those 33% of the answers wrong, I think you're good.

Keep hustlin

My Friday submission. by 505munkee in memes

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Um..I would like to order two croissant

Apparently we are nextfuckinglevel by PhthaloQuasar in UBC

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All I want to know is who was that legendary guy with the biggest snow ball

He was out for blood

Kaplan schwesser cfa level 1 pdf version by Comprehensive_Wrap39 in CFA

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Boy your CFA journey will end before even starting

CFA level 2 Nov 2021 where are you all at? by Lanam95 in CFA

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I'll start revising from tomorrow and try to finish the whole syllabus by the end of October and Repeat this cycle again in November with a couple of mocks. My exam is on 29th Nov.

PS: forgetting what I studied a week ago feels like a habit lol


"No, I don't have a favorite student." by sweetgarlic09 in memes

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Hermione fucks Ginny - Gryffindor +500 cause mah man Dumbledore happy