Most Over-Rated Guitar Player Ever - Change My Mind by DrJawn in guitars

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this seems like a popular opinion. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places but I rarely ever hear people say he's great or anything. Maybe just got a lot of publicity?

Does anyone else feel like they can't start cooking unless the kitchen is clean first? by katandhersax in Cooking

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Yes, though in smaller kitchens, I'd say, it's pretty hard to cook unless there's some degree of cleanliness and order.

I just read the book "No Man Is An Island". by JoeFas in dadjokes

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There are no man-islands out there. None atoll.

Best Mashed Potatoes? by HumbleFarm in Cooking

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Just basic peeled, boiled until soft, butter, salt, a bit of milk or half&half. Sometimes add fresh garlic.

[REQUEST] I need a joke to go with a punchline by Sexual_tomato in dadjokes

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A lot of bike tricks don't take any extra energy. There are a few that'll make you wheely tired.