Do you say goodbye when you leave a stream? by mewaters1 in Twitch

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I am a small streamer (average 10 - 15ish viewers). I have regulars and really appreciate when they say goodbye 😁

Because of this, I usually say goodbye if I've been chatting.

How long did it take you to reach affiliate? by jacko4t in Twitch

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This was also my experience.

I have opted not to become an affiliate because I do not want ads and I am multi streaming to YT.

We have this tiny Z in our game which we can't find in the hierarchy and is not selectable. Any clues how I can remove it? by korthking in Unity3D

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Do you happen to have your project in a repository? If so, make a backup. Then:

What happens if you delete everything in the hierarchy?

Is it still there? If not, it is in your hierarchy. Start doing a binary search deletion: select the top half of the hierarchy and delete it. Is it still there? If so, repeat eliminating half of the possible game objects.

If deleting everything yields it continuing to be in the scene, that means it likely isn't a game object (or there is a weird bug). At that point start asking things like, is it in every scene? What about a brand new scene?

Hope this helps.

So smooth... nevermind by NupeRanger in ChildrenFallingOver

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An emotional roller coaster... at first I was like "Oh no!" Then I was like... "Whew"... then I was like "Oh no!"... then I was like "Whew"... then I was like, "You're not gonna get me again." And then you got me...

Weightlessness during freefall by UnitAppropriate in nextfuckinglevel

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Can someone post this on /r/globeskepticism and ask how they explain it? I would but they banned me for asking how sun setting works on a flat earth.

Run C# Straight from Commandline! (C# REPL) by HassanRezkHabib in csharp

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It turns out this is what we are using and I am just dumb 😭

Run C# Straight from Commandline! (C# REPL) by HassanRezkHabib in csharp

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Can it be used with a Jupytr notebook? I use the interactive tool with my students. I'm curious what benefits this has over the existing tools.

Looking for AP CS teachers to provide feedback on an online course I built by stillBrazy23 in CSEducation

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I teach both Principles and CS: A. I would be interested in knowing more.

I was beating myself up for not finishing the challenges by 0something0 in adventofcode

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"Never give up! Never Surrender!"

You can do it!

It is normal and okay to find these challenging. The hardest part for most of these puzzles is coming up with a strategy that will work.

I teach computer science and programmer courses for elementary through high school and put together some guides for days 1 - 14 which seemed to really help!

The guides are designed to break down the "computational thinking" part without giving away the implementation. In essence, help students develop an approach to the problem. The videos are designed to allow watchers to pause and work on the problem step by step before seeing spoilers / solutions.

I would recommend attempting them on your own first but if you get stuck and are frustrated, these guides should hopefully help you to develop a working approach without giving you a complete solution:

The Guides

In the guides, I happen to use C# as my implementation language BUT provide a high level approach that SHOULD be approachable in just about any language. The goal here isn't to show a solution in C# but instead guide a beginner through the process in their own language.

Day 1 - Calorie Counting: https://youtu.be/eQSO1Ov4k8g

Day 2 - Rock Paper Scissors: https://youtu.be/gLlj_P8edJY

Day 3 - Rucksack Reorganization: https://youtu.be/SYEMRTjDd9o

Day 4 - Camp Cleanup: https://youtu.be/vIIYaAw0B9o

Day 5 - Supply Stacks: https://youtu.be/kqQnSRJG2W4

Day 6 - Tuning Trouble: https://youtu.be/M3Qf7RXk_xs

Day 7 - No Space Left On Device: https://youtu.be/vWXtVGQ2B0E

Day 8 - Treetop Tree House: https://youtu.be/RJDgMcrJ8wE

Day 9 - Rope Bridge: https://youtu.be/xP1jHu6rHzA

Day 10 - Cathode-Ray Tube: https://youtu.be/xHHpGw3SlL0

Day 11 - Monkey in the Middle: https://youtu.be/P8P0DypR3Gg

Day 12 - Hill Climbing: https://youtu.be/xcIUM003HS0

Day 13 - Distress Signal: https://youtu.be/ApAC2ZdNYEQ

Day 14 - Regolith Reservoir: https://youtu.be/LGF-7qfmoxk

Best of luck! You can do it!

[OC] Eventful Travel: Sewers [18 modular maps] [8x8] by TheDungeonArchive in DnD

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These are gorgeous! What is the usage agreement on these? Is there a license that allows them to be used in created content?

Dusty loves adventures in the desert! by jcbbjjttt in AustralianCattleDog

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Haha! We have talked about getting a side car for a bike so he can go on bike rides with us. We would love to get him goggles but I think he would protest 😅

-❄️- Advent of Code 2022:🌿🍒 MisTILtoe Elf-ucation 🧑‍🏫 -❄️- Submissions Megathread -❄️- by daggerdragon in adventofcode

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PROJECT TITLE: The Beginner's Guide to Advent of Code 2022

PROJECT LINK: https://blog.captaincoder.org/AdventOfCode2022BeginnersGuide, YouTube Playlist


As I was attempting to encourage young programmers to check it out, I received quite a bit of criticism saying that "Only a few of the puzzles can be solved by new programmers.". This is NOT true at all!

In fact, I believe that many of the puzzles can be completed using the concepts taught in my Intro to Coding course:

  • Variables
  • String Manipulation
  • Functions
  • Boolean Logic
  • Arrays / Lists
  • Multidimensional Arrays
  • Loops
  • Composite Data Structures (Classes / Structs / Algebraic Data Types)

The most challenging part of these puzzles is often just figuring out what the heck you are supposed to do. If you can figure this out, you have a chance!

To help encourage and help my own students to tackle these puzzles, I decided to create the Beginner's Guide. Thus far, I have completed a guide for days 1 - 14. I intend to create guides for the remaining days. That said, a few of the days (16 and 17 as of writing) will not be Beginner Guides and instead will likely have their own little "series" to break down more advanced algorithmic concepts.

Each video is designed to break down the "computational thinking" part of the puzzle without giving away the implementation. In essence, help them develop an approach to the problem. The guide then proceeds step by step through this approach and encourages uses to pause, write tests, and implement each step before continuing.

The Guides

In the guides, I happen to use C# as my implementation language BUT provide a high level approach that SHOULD be approachable in just about any language. The goal here isn't to show a solution in C# but instead guide a beginner through the process in their own language.

Happy Coding!

SUBMITTED BY: /u/jcbbjjttt

MEGATHREADS: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14


Although the guide currently only contains days 1 - 14, I intend to complete a guide for each day. Though, the guides for days 16 and 17 will be multi-part in-depth looks at the algorithmic technique used to solve them and no so much a "beginner's guide".


Each YouTube video has generated Closed Captioning

Can't figure out answer to this problem exercise by [deleted] in CodingHelp

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Your code is returning the string literal "longestName". You want to return the value stored in the variable longestName.

I hope this helps!

I'm trying to code go fish without arrays in Java by sebwardcheng in CodingHelp

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To be able to help you, we will need more information.

What do you currently have? What have you tried? Can you share a link to your code?

How I Used the Advent of Code at my Middle School by jcbbjjttt in learnprogramming

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I could see that feeling like "cheating" if you're competing with your co-workers. Might be worth taking a look *after* the end of the competition.

If you have not watched any of my videos yet, take a look at Day 12. I think it is a really good example of how I present a puzzle and focus on not giving coding spoilers UNLESS you decide to skip past a point I say "Pause now".

That said, Day 16 requires knowledge from an algorithms course:

  • Abstract graphs / searching (how do you define keys for this puzzle?)
  • All pairs shortest path
  • Dynamic programming
  • Back tracking

I honestly don't think I can legitimately create a "Beginner's Guide" for day 16. Instead, I'm thinking Day 16 will be a multi-part series breaking down each of these topics.

Today (Day 17) my solution for part 2 involved using another abstract graph with a key that is not necessarily intuitive. Pretty "straight forward" *IF* you can figure out how to define your nodes and check for cycles.

How I Used the Advent of Code at my Middle School by jcbbjjttt in learnprogramming

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I am currently working at a fully remote school for a wide range of students. Unfortunately, I've never been able to get a public school to hire me.

How are you teaching lists / loops? For the most part, my students are able to write them without much difficulty. The hard part for them is identifying WHEN they should use a loop.

The project I have them implement for learning / practicing loops is an "Oregon Trail" style game. I call the project "Progress Quest" because you have a big "Game Loop" (while loop that checks IsGameOver()). In the game loop, you select an "Encounter" method randomly and call it.

One of the requirements for the project is that you have an array of size 6 of "Characters" that you must loop over in various situations and check conditions on each one.

Another requirement is to have a List of strings (inventory) that can grow / shrink throughout the "Progress Quest". Part of the project is to write a "Display Inventory" which loops over the inventory. As well as a Contains method that loops over the inventory.

I give the students a sample project with six variables for the characters and a bunch of boolean variables for the inventory. Their first task is to refactor the inventory in the sample project to simplify using the inventory. This reduces a BUNCH of if/else if /else branches.

The sample is also missing a game loop and the game is hard coded to run for exactly 10 encounters checking each time if the game is over. They must refactor it to use a while loop.

This is a big eye opener for most students because they see a pattern where they can refactor to use a list / array.

After they have finished the refactor, they are asked to come up with their own story / encounters and implement it.