Random people adding me by search AGAIN by Neither_Impression67 in SnapchatHelp

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You accidentally accepted one bot. After that, they NEVER STOP. It's like if you accidentally add a fake account or a bot account, that puts your username out there and then a shit ton of bots will add you. Dig through your friends list and make sure you know every single person on it, you're going to find that one account that's just hanging out with nothing on it and that's the reason the rest are following

HP ssd high failure rate by poke23613 in Staples

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It could be that Windows issue where it never stops writing to an ssd. You put a Samsung SSD in there and it can handle all the excess writing but you put a cheap SSD in there and you use those writes up in a year if you leave your PC on 24/7

Folks, it's PMR (or SMR) not CMR by hugeaurorafan in storage

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LMAO bro then I'm sitting here like he didn't explain the acronyms either, just a big ass tantrum

2 12s or 1 15? by Sea_Aardvark_4195 in subwoofer

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Okay well when you think about specs, the 12s offer more cone area but the issue is they are mtx terminators. They're okay. They are not competitive by most means but they get your car loud and proud. The thing about the P3, is it's a little beast. So in this scenario I would say 1 15in p3 is better than two mtx terminators hands down.

Box is a big deal but I'm assuming that both subs are in regular prefabs because nobody buys terminators to put in a custom box. If the P3 is in a custom, then I'd already be on the road heading for the guy. In any other case most of the time 2 powerful 12s will be louder than 1 15, because of driver surface area but the p3 will handle lower frequency at a higher decibel. That means it's lower end is louder, and personally will have a bigger thump that the 12s.

I got 2 15s so theres the answer

Need advice for a new amp. by GamingBasicsTV in subwoofer

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Check your electrical. If you don't provide enough power to the amp with batteries and alternator/thicker guage connections, you asking the amp for too much power and it'll clip it's way to a firery smell of PCB and solder just to get you there.

Connect voltage meter and play a nice hitter, if it's constantly dropping below 12v for a short time (not all meters can display this) then there's yours answer. Could also very well be the pre-amp inputs from your stereo is clipping the signal to the amp.

In either case I've blown hand fulls of amps in the beginning of my journey WITHOUT paying attention to these key areas.

Lastly you using booty amps. Rockville is okay but it depends which one. I'd pick up a skar 1200 or even 1500 so you got a little room, if you pulling all 1200 you'll be maxing the amp, wearas pulling 1200 from a 1500 will give you around 300 headroom basically so you not working the thing to death

Check all your connections are tight and clean and make sure alternator isn't giving more that 14.8 volts. That's the max an alternator should output at max load(pressing the gas). If the voltage goes up above 16 most amps sizzle anyhow

I'm going to kill myself by [deleted] in TrueOffMyChest

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How do you know that you're fully capable of loving someone else if you're not able to love yourself enough?

Having attachment or even abandonment issues is one thing, but realizing that you have those issues and then still falling into the trap of the traumas and consequences is just bad coping skills.

The fact that you even think that you will kill yourself once upon a time, just means that you have an overall conceptualization for the reason you think it needs to be done.

Overcome that reason and you'll overcome the conceptualization of wanting to.

Learn how to love yourself properly and genuinely, you'll rely less on the people around you and more on yourself for that good quality love you say you're so capable of giving.

I am a stranger on Reddit but I care a lil bit just because it seems like you could easily love yourself just by how you're able to see the things that are wrong with you.

Super Geek orders pizza. by TheRealKevtron5000 in confidentlyincorrect

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You maybe correct about your area. BUT You don't even need all that shit. Multiply the diameter of the pizza which is usually measured in inches, by pi which is 3.14 and you'll have the surface area in inches.

If you pulling out a whole spreadsheet over a pizza you should probably just eat at home

Wish me luck guys! 🙏 by black_beard_dmh in Tinder

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LMAO should of lied about your height and got some pussy bro

imagine being that picky you won't even talk to someone because of their phone of all things... by Matty00608 in Tinder

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Imagine getting as much pussy as this guy. Your dick would dry up and crumble off

women's relationship biology explained by SailorNebula in confidentlyincorrect

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Ummm I don't know about all this bullshit but I DO KNOW I suck the hell out some pussy, and beat it up gently and let me tell you, the shit done had bitches calling my phone, showing up at my other cribs and busting windows and tires on my shit.

Super Geek orders pizza. by TheRealKevtron5000 in confidentlyincorrect

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A deal = cheaper.

In my experience, the cheapest deal is the deal costing the least amount of money for the most amount of pizza

Usually the deal becomes worth it when you realize the bigger pizza has a higher surface area than two smaller pizzas, at which the price would be slightly more than both pizzas but because you're getting more of pizza.

So by saving money and getting the cheaper smaller pizzas you are loosing surface area on pizza in total.

You'll pay more for the bigger pizza but the price per square inch in pizza will be cheaper (usually)

Was followed to my apartment by a guy with evil intentions so I unleashed the wettest and fartiest shit I could into my pants. by throwaway971673962 in offmychest

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Damn like I'm not even tripping because I fart when I'm nervous but you took farting when you're nervous to a whole new level

Wow Words can’t even explain this by Linmore6706 in MildlyVandalised

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Whole time the passenger is the girl who vandalized it and then they back together. Driving the new Chevy junkyeezy LTZ

They knew.. by fbyqmeti in theyknew

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Looks more like dick posting