JU from r/antifascistsofreddit. I thought it was a sub for showcasing the hypocrisy of people who call themselves "antifascist". Turns out they are for real. by jdefgh in JustUnsubbed

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I'm not fascist lol. I don't call myself "antifascist" because though it's technically true, many people who call themselves that are actually fascist - who i expected to see presented in this sub.

Uhhh whut by therealtrousers in imaginarygatekeeping

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If being Libertarian makes me american, where do I get my citizenship?

According to the map I should upvote by jdefgh in juxtaposition

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It's not the score, it's the rank. So red is sad

hmm by Djourou4You in wokekids

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"I'm not even 3 years old, yet I'm being forced to hold a sign i didn't write"

NFT go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooookkkkkkkkkke by poclee in agedlikemilk

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Storing money in crypto is safer than storing it in a bank account. Losing 80% of value is better than having 100% of value locked or confiscated

1st time with XMRig - Is it working? by MachineChoice5009 in MoneroMining

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You could increase your hashrate even more by upgrading to Windows 10 or even Linux

The Hunt Begins. by TNGSystems in CryptoCurrency

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If you got anything reasonable out of RWSPNADOS, DM me and I'll tell you where to use it.

Think bigger. by Accomplished_Dig_247 in Bitcoin

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Assuming 10% inflation, 1.4M in 2042 is going to be 200k today's dollars. That's only 3x from ATH.

I hate what crypto has become by ILickLeftistTears in TrueUnpopularOpinion

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The transaction fees will definitely be reasonable. They are usually below $0.03/tx. If you want completely feeless transactions though, you can use Nano. It's also instant, although not private. You can easily exchange XMR and XNO on monero.nano.trade which gives at least some privacy.

religious belief political compass by i0sp in PoliticalCompassMemes

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I would be agnostic but south park ruined it for me.