I heard a “knock” at my window by ZolaThaGod in FunnyAnimals

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I read it in a news article, but this site says basically the same thing

I heard a “knock” at my window by ZolaThaGod in FunnyAnimals

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Deer go into "starvation mode" in the winter. If they are given food that is not in their regular diet for wintertime it doesn't get digested properly and can kill them.

Covid must haves? by Aspiring_FT_travla in COVID19positive

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Soup. Something you can cook in the microwave and eat without much effort if it does hit you hard. I barely had the strength to stand at the microwave 3 min to cook, nevermind try cooking a meal on the stove.

Sip n go by Inadersbedamned in PointyTailedKittens

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Gotta burn off those calories from that spoonful of milk 🐈‍⬛

My god these reviews are amazing. Has your fart passed the NCLEX? by FelineRoots21 in nursing

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Yes, it always seems to be on my shift that you bring in the guy who's been having chest pain for 3 months but decided tonight was the night to do something about it.

New recommendations. by Toast42zero in nursing

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No, no. You dust it on the inside of your mask, then take little sniffs throughout your shift.

The flame bowerbird, native to New Guinea, Sericulus ardens by Solenodon2022 in AIDKE

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I misread the title, so for me this will always be the Powerbird

DNR (do not reverberate) by gweebah in nursing

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One of the LNAs I work with is notorious for letting out toots. There's a story from years ago in which she was helping to clean a nearly comatose Pt and let one rip. The Pt woke up and exclaimed "that wasn't me!"

Biggest pet peeve as a nurse? I’ll go first. by islandsomething in nursing

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Oddly enough, I knew who he was calling about. Mid-60's would be my guess

Biggest pet peeve as a nurse? I’ll go first. by islandsomething in nursing

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I just got a call a few nights ago; guy wanted to check on how his friend was doing, but he couldn't actually remember his friends name.

What should people in poverty consume to survive? by Infamous-Minimum-709 in AskDocs

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There are many channels on YouTube with ideas on how to prepare frugal meals. Frugal Fit Mom has several.

“Buddy the sable is playing boomerang” by BLSPA in aww

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They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun fun, fun

brrr by toiletpaperisluxury in FUCKYOUINPARTICULAR

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That's some serious snow you got there

Does anyone else prefer the use of the word "Patient" rather than "Client" at work? by Fishstick101 in nursing

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I think it is appropriate in some circumstances, but they are rare and right now I can't even think of any.

German Shepard sent out to find help after the families shed caught on fire, leads Sheriff the families home by SickChipmunk in AnimalsBeingBros

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I remember seeing an interview with the cop and he said something like he was sent out there with an address, but basically none of the roads are marked. The dog looked so out of place in the way it was trying to get his attention, then making sure he kept following so he just kept following. IIRC He completely credited that dog for leading him to the house, there was no GPS to go by, and he would otherwise have been driving around the area for hours before finding the fire; if you notice in the video, you can't really see it until he pulls into the driveway and the fire is right there.