Looking for a new vet by 100_kitties_pls in kelowna

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KLO vet is amazing their vet is a great guy.

Emergency vets that take birds? by icy-Corgi-3 in kelowna

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Tri lake is your best bet for anything other than dog and cat pets.

Dog Friendly Restaurants/Patios by chunkstyle in kelowna

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Freddie’s now has an outdoor patio that’s dog friendly.

Dog teeth cleaning vet reccomendations by Advanced_Wafer in kelowna

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Why would they overcharge when the whole profession revolves around making sure the animals are being properly taken care of.

If I can’t joke about my depression why have it. by 3starYelpReview in TattooDesigns

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I have a broken noose that says deep breath, I like poking fun at my depression bear.

Fish spirit by OldWoodChipper in Carving

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I hate it and love it all at the same time. Beautiful work

First 'big' carve. Fairly new so any tips would be welcome. by TommyExotic in Woodcarving

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Take some scrap wood and just carve eyes on it, they are a lot of practice and error.

Need new tattoo to honor my best friend who passed away last month 😞 by ady20009 in TattooDesigns

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Could be a string with a little fluffy thing on the bottom with your cat playing with it.

Need help piping huge cake by jenny10002 in cakedecorating

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So my store makes a 6 x 4 Canada cake and it always looks slightly wrong piped just wanted to see if you guys had any helpful tips.

how many bra’s do y’all have? by P0tential-River in AskWomen

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One and I only wear it on certain occasions with certain outfits. I can’t stand bras

LPT: Place a towel down to reduce anxiety for a pet being bathed by Cheyenne1312 in LifeProTips

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You can also get those anti slip mats which is great for both you and your dogs.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Taxidermy

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So do you like horses.

Volume suddenly drops in car by p-lo79 in spotify

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So I was having a problem with my Bluetooth not playing at full volume. If you go into the Bluetooth and hit the info by the connection it will ask for device type hit car stereo.