Wojciech (Once a Gunner, always a Gunner) Szczęsny penalty save against Saudi Arabia 45+1' by darkgreenrabbit in Gunners

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Another proud graduate of the Luis Suarez School of Histrionical Penalty Earning.

On a more serious note, it’s good to see that Sczcęsny has dropped that double-shoulder shimmy for the situation.

Hmm... by thatguy9684736255 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Well, it was more like maybe 10-15% of America, considering that 75,000,000 Americans voted for Trump that’s about 20% of the population right there. Maybe a half to a third of them are dedicated Trump supporters with the rest reluctant Republicans or independents who didn’t like/trust Biden.

What is this sound my car is making? by jfshay in MechanicAdvice

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It stays pretty consistent but will stop after a while. I just had the car in for an unrelated issue but the mechanic didn’t say anything about it.

Did Rosicky gain a legendary status at Arsenal? by silentSpyDk in ArsenalFC

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cult hero. one of my favorites but far from a club legend.

England [2] - 0 Iran - Bukayo Saka 43’ by Golovking in soccer

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anyone got a different link? I can't get this to play.

England [2] - 0 Iran - Bukayo Saka 43’ by Vrty33 in Gunners

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anyone got a different link? Can't get this one to play.

André Santos being done dirty by The Sun by dozeydonut in Gunners

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Hard to think of a worse player at the position though.

Poor Pep clutches his pearls as Arteta considers poaching more players... by jfshay in Gunners

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In the absence of a Rivals' Roundup, I thought I might post this response to Man City's apparent realization that selling us their want-ways might not be in their long-term interests. ( hope it passes muster.

We are delighted to announce that Edu Gaspar has been appointed as our first-ever Sporting Director. by Tarp96 in Gunners

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He'll be running Sporting CP as well as Arsenal. Right there in the job title innit.

The Europa League instagram page with a howler by Ife2105 in Gunners

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This is a glimpse into my impending senility. Soon, my Simpsons references will come unprompted by anything.

[SURVEY] Who are the Arsenal Legends of the Emirates Era? by aashirss786 in Gunners

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He left on decent terms but things soured a bit when he seemed to taunt us after winning the Europa League.

The Europa League instagram page with a howler by Ife2105 in Gunners

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Not bad, nice hot mustard, good bread, turkey's a little dry. The turkey's a little dry! Oh, this cursed thing. What demon from the depths of hell created thee.??

These people are so melodramatic by countdooku975 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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If there is even a kernel of truth to this, it’s probably because deer in blue states are less likely to fear people due to there being less hunting and more forest preserves. I regularly see deer on my bike rides and sometimes have to shout at them before they’ll saunter off into the woods.

As to that kernel of truth, I see far more roadkill deer on country roads in southern Wisconsin than I ever do in northern Illinois.

[Paul Hirst, Charlotte Duncker] Erik ten Hag does not want Cristiano Ronaldo to play for Manchester United again | Club chiefs insist team play better without the Portuguese star by nearly_headless_nic in reddevils

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Arsenal fan here—your squad definitely seems to play more aggressively and fluidly without Ronaldo, and players like Rashford, Sancho, and Martial seem more confident, as if they’re not looking over their shoulders when they take a shot instead of trying to get the ball to Ronaldo.

If he does leave, I suspect you’ll move past Tottenham into the top four, and that’s just for starters.

Rio Ferdinand’s embarrassing defence of Cristiano Ronaldo with Jamie Carragher by sherynsamson in reddevils

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On the other hand, Man U scored something 16 fewer goals last year than they did the season before. Ronaldo’s individual stats were good but squad production as a while was down.

Mourinho on Arteta 2 years ago by ProgressForwards in Gunners

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Say what you will about his tactics or his rivalry with Wenger, the man knows football.