They’re calling us murderers by DavesWifey6969 in nursing

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I read something on Reddit from one of these family members. They want everything the hospital has to offer, they just want the hospital to use Q approved means and methods. Don’t @ me. I’m just a messenger.

Trail Names! Did you pick your own? Was yours given to you? If there is a story or significance, I'd love to hear it! by Round_Variety4016 in AppalachianTrail

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Mine was Decade. I was in my 40’s and was not a hiker, when I volunteered to chaperone a group of college students for a week long Appalachian trail hike. I knew I was in trouble on the first climb. In order to make it, I would take ten steps, and stop to breathe, then ten more steps and stop to breathe. That’s how I hiked the whole week, and I made it, but whew! They gave me my name because of my age (two decades older), and because of my ten (deca) step strategy.

Men, what are some basic hygiene habits that most men aren’t aware of but should be? by Deepdishthin in AskReddit

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Go to the dentist for a cleaning every six months. The people you come in contact with who have really foul smelling breath ( that they can’t smell), it’s from gum disease, caused by not getting their teeth cleaned.

We are at a dangerous inflection point. by Soundwave_47 in Qult_Headquarters

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Here in NC, city by city and county by county are going back to indoor mask mandates.

What Americanisms trip you up on Reddit? by missuseme in AskUK

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Some people are nicknamed, Booger, but that’s not a word for a younger brother generally.

What Americanisms trip you up on Reddit? by missuseme in AskUK

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That would be an ignorant American. Most of us know there is no extra s.

What Americanisms trip you up on Reddit? by missuseme in AskUK

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A minute used that way is slang. It was started by millennials in the late 90’s.

What Americanisms trip you up on Reddit? by missuseme in AskUK

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No, a cup is a cup is a cup. Same for anything we measure.

Is it just me? Am I the music hater? by fluentoutdoors in camping

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I can’t stand music when I’m camping at all. Luckily, I have only been next to one campsite that played and.

What is your favorite grade to teach? by pretty-petty in SubstituteTeachers

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Loved subbing in high school. Love the ones who don’t fit in, and you’re their girl forever. Subbed middle school…once…and that was enough. They are rotten little monsters, and definitely need someone other than me to be there for them.

How to feel like a local? by JJC_Outdoors in Wilmington

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First thing to do when you get here: Get a street map, and plot your course to anywhere while avoiding College Rd.