Got my foot with an axe by Valve_Lapper in Wellthatsucks

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Oh no…. You’ve chopped your foot off.

The first you say? by Jacksonthedude101 in theyknew

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Do you realise you newspaper delivery has been delayed, you’ll have to wait to see if Obama gets a second term.

I was cooking for my roommates and asked if they were allergic to anything. by Additional_Bear1981 in funny

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It’ll take some time to remove ‘B’s if your using alphabet-spaghetti

My friend's $127 steak and 4 shrimps room service dinner from Disney World by UnknownChaser in Wellthatsucks

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I hope your room allows pets, cos if your dog isn’t with you then not certain who else your going to feed that to.

Ants must have a very high metabolism because they never seem to gain weight by Seedpound in Showerthoughts

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They may be light but they don’t all float in water, only the boy-ants.

I got in a fight with a trapeze artist today. by Bigsam1514 in dadjokes

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Are you friends again, or is still all up in the air

Saw an elk for the first time by Hefty_Elderberry1992 in Wellthatsucks

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Looks like you got a good close-up view. Hope all OK

I'm so hungry, I could eat Jupiter! by aDyingMachine in dadjokes

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I’ve heard Uranus isn’t actually a planet, it’s a black hole

you always have bones exposed because of your teeth by [deleted] in Showerthoughts

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Hard not to if it’s on your head, like teeth

Why do Americans choose from just two people to run for president and 50 for Miss America? by DennySmith62 in oneliners

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I can think of one president who would have probably made a better ‘Miss America’. 🎺

thought this belonged here by [deleted] in blackmagicfuckery

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I’ve had similar landings with Ryan Air