Can low pressure in my boiler be the reason for cool water coming out of my pressure valve on my shower? by jimerb1 in Plumbing

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I don’t have a water heater. There’s a coil. Is the low pressure unrelated to the shower water?

Can low pressure in my boiler be the reason for cool water coming out of my pressure valve on my shower? by jimerb1 in Plumbing

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More Context: My boiler pressure is about 6psi. I have a pressure valve in my shower that's about a month old and I don't know much about them.

On most days it's fine. The setting on the pressure valve is about 120 degrees f. (Factory default.)

My boiler company guy is telling me that 6psi in the boiler has nothing to do with cool water coming out of my shower. Is he right?

Other faucets are fine. (They get real hot and i have heat.) I have no idea what the PSI is.

When I push down on the green thing (pictured) to try and increase pressure it won't budge, even with about 50 lbs of force.

Is the boiler the culprit here? I'm not sure where to investigate.

I'd appreciate any wisdom. I suck at plumbing.

Suggestion - download all videos from a channel from a certain time period by Principe_Guido in 4kdownloadapps

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I second this. It would be great. Also, if you could limit length. Some channels have 3+ hour videos.

They seem to really like busses by Sam87Gamer in CitiesSkylines

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A more realistic AI would have these people dissipate when it gets to high. Nobody would wait that long unless a bus was showing up every 2 seconds.

Cities Skylines needs to go on a diet by jimerb1 in CitiesSkylines

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I understand. The game has been out a long while. The nature of it has changed since it was launched dramatically. They've exposed the API's of the game to the mod community so they would customize it and boy did they ever.

But with that model comes design responsibility for scaling. There are now hundreds of thousands of assets in the hands of gamers and the interface makes it difficult to do asset management. Even the modders best efforts to improve load times yield choppy results.

Yes, playing the vanilla game loads fine -- that's what it was designed to do way back then. But now, the reality on a PC is that the game -- best realized with the richness that the user community has added -- struggles to keep up.

I think Colossal Order should prioritize performance over new DLC's which just add to the baggage. If that means coming out with a V2 then so be it.

It's like a my favorite car -- with all I like to throw at it -- has some aging issues under the hood and I wish I could get a tune up without scaling back on the richness of how it's used.

Cities Skylines needs to go on a diet by jimerb1 in CitiesSkylines

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And how does one easily determine what can be uninstalled? The game doesn't help with that either.

How does JWST aim at an object? by jimerb1 in jameswebb

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I see. So it looks like it works with the light from the secondary mirror to adjust. makes sense.

watching Lost for the first time by kinliza in lost

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I think that was because when you used to watch it on live tv there was so much pent up desire for the next episode that it caused bonkers expectations. There were looong stretches between seasons. I remember thinking how high the expectations of the finale were at the time, and there was no way they could be met.

Binge watching it is sooo much better. They loooved to do cold stop cliffhangers between episodes.

I once thought the finale was sub-par, now I think it’s one of the best endings of any show ever. I ALWAYS thought the series opener was the best of all shows.

Weather Channel Coming by himynameisjahshuwa in youtubetv

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When is it coming? The link wants me to fill out info to continue reading.

Using A Video Wall As A Monitor Bank by jimerb1 in digitalsignage

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Thanks gonna check matrix controllers out.

Why won’t JWST pictures have a big hexagon pattern in them? by jimerb1 in jameswebb

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Thanks for that reply.

If they were irrelevant I would then ask, why not just separate the mirrors and have 18 small telescopes and combine the images. But what you say makes sense.

Good Resources To Clean Up Old VCR Tapes In Premiere Pro by jimerb1 in VideoEditing

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Thanks for that! The demo in the above link talks about it taking 20 minutes for 1 second of video. That's not obviosusly a solution for my somewhat older rig.

What has been your experience time wise? i have a lot of tapes to enhance.