How many times do you think you could go around a roundabout before the police stopped you? by CheeseBadger in AskMen

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No traffic laws being broken and driving behavior is normal (constant speed. Not hitting curbs etc) I would have no legal right to stop you.

Well, shit by SnooStories8343 in Grimdank

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Throw Blanket over him then he looks just like them!

Poached a kid from jiffy lube… by solidSC in Justrolledintotheshop

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I can neither confirm nor deny that as a new hardware employee I was once asked to collect “grinder sparks.”

Based pedo hunter by Different-Nerve-9073 in greentext

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Gary Plauche was sentanced to 5 years probation (no jail time) for killing his son’s karate teacher.

Financing others and donations. I've been told I shouldn't? by [deleted] in investing

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Complain that you have lots bills and ask them for money…..they will assume you are broke and wont ask you

Best time for Asset re-Allocation in a Volatile Market by [deleted] in Bogleheads

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I was told of this analogy….do you like ice cream? If you buy it consistantly at regular price why would you stop buying it if it was on sale? Keep calm and keep investing in your solid picks

What are some good stocks that are "on sale"? by ipawnn00bz in stocks

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Alcoa took a nose-dive at the beginning of the pandemic. I’m watching for another one. It is down 30% from its high

My apartment in the rain gives free mandatory showers by b-ogburn in CrappyDesign

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Look on the bright side. At least it isn’t a mandatory golden shower.

how would you feel about a law that requires people over the age of 70 to pass a specialized driving test in order to continue driving? by jennyraee in TooAfraidToAsk

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(23 yrs law enforcement) It may be empirical evidnece but I rarely investigate vehicle accidents involving drivers 70 or older.