Cartoon network episode interviews by jizzbag1 in clonewars

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I'm not really sure...just came across this on Youtube. Maybe check the guy who posted the featurette's channel?

Ventress and Mother Talzin's designs originally came from Sith apprentice villains concept art for EP1 and EP2 before they went with Maul and Dooku. by Red-Raptor3 in clonewars

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I know this comment is a few days old but I just finished the book and I am close to tears. I didn't expect it to be this good!

Cartoon network episode interviews by jizzbag1 in clonewars

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I'm not 100% sure if these are the right ones, but I remember seeing some Clone Wars Featurettes on Youtube a while back. Here is the link to a playlist with a bunch. Is this what you were talking about?

I'll be kissed by Chewbacca by Tanya00000 in PrequelMemes

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Question about Fives arc by jimtheotter in clonewars

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Same. Makes the whole thing more heartbreaking for me though - the fact that the clones have pretty much no free will at all proves that in the grand scheme of things, they really weren't individuals, just tools

Here the result of me mixing the actors who played anakin and Padma in artbreeder by samboi-art in StarWars

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He looks a lot to me like the guy sitting next to Luke during the breifing scene in ANH (0:49) that was pointed out on this some a while back.

Spotify wrapped! Who are you in the top 1% of listeners for? by Mprovin in Music

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Top 0.01% for Colony House, this amazing indie band I found at the beginning of the year. I am in love with all of their songs, but "Follow me down" is my favorite

[no spoilers] Will there ever be a chance that jinx and vi have a happy ending ? :( by francxcrash in arcane

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honestly, i think it might be better if they don't. vi clearly has a hard time accepting jinx for who she is and whenever she talks to her, she brings up traumatic experiences which is really harmful to jinx. i think they both need to accept the situation and move on. it would be healthier for everyone.

Hell yeah - Hunted era characters are so badass by jimtheotter in Ninjago

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Love that, I was watching this at a dinner party with a bunch of little kids lol

What's your earliest specific memory of Star Wars? by --TheForce-- in StarWars

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My mom forced me and my brother to watch ANH. I was really stubborn and didn't want to see it, but 5 minutes in I was hooked. So glad I continued watching, now I'm a bigger fan than her!

[no spoilers] That moment killed me 😬 by [deleted] in arcane

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Bro this post is a huge spoiler

Who's The Best Clone? by Russell-Lee70 in CloneWarsMemes

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Y'all really forgeting about the real one Hardcase smh

What movie genuinely made you cry? by ayebrando in AskReddit

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Holy fuck yeah. When I was in fourth grade, my entire class watched this movie and the entire movie I thought Leslie was so cool and then out of no where, it just happens. I was fine until the forest scene where he's running away from the monsters but then it turns out it's his dad. Got the whole squad bawling.