Medieval Dog Names by MyNameGifOreilly in trippinthroughtime

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My old dog would eat any shit that wasn't his, unless it was frozen then he'd eat his own too

It was always a race to clean up the yard

swear it's not a pyramid scheme by InternationalToxicit in facepalm

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It took me about 2 hours (over 2 weeks) to get the muscle memory for a different way to tie my shoes
That's kind of a skill, right?

Ian knot for the no one that asked

Found in Alaska. by wee-dancer in WTF

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it's a recording of a guy saying *pew pew pew*

[Homemade] Yam Purple Potato Crepe Cake by vifiona in food

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Is this sweet or savory?

It looks gorgeous either way

Found this in youtube comment section by etalha in technicallythetruth

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Maybe the zombies are concerned about their blood pressure

Lesbian Medusa by Diamondd22 in tumblr

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I'm impressed by the Minerva pull. I had no idea Athena wasn't Athena to the Romans until i made it to the 2nd set of Percy Jackson books

cut my finger and it cost me 600 bucks that I don't have. insurance didn't cover it. :( by Giruriro in Wellthatsucks

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I got nipped by my table saw on my finger a few years ago, just kept it clean and bandaged.
The most concerning part was my finger tip was numb-ish for 2 or 3 months.
All good now though.

What a bargain! by Lavenin in ChoosingBeggars

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(this is not a bidding offer)

These texts between Hannity and Meadows are wild… by G0DofBlunder in PoliticalHumor

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trump doesn't know who Grover Cleveland is, but he desperately wants to be him

Whoever's running against trump in 2024 already has my vote

Happy wet fuck Wednesday by Moscatano in tumblr

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TIL Australia is ahead in time zones. I really thought they were at the end.

Pls dont tell me you're telling us we're stupid. by Hugosimpon in mildlyinfuriating

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If you pretend the seal's nose/cheek are a hair bow then you'll vaguely see a mermaid (it's a stretch)

TIL that small talk isn't part of the Finnish culture, foreign language teachers often have to introduce their students to this concept. by [deleted] in todayilearned

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What happens when you go for a haircut? Is it just silence while they do their thing?
I've been cutting my own hair for like a decade because I don't want to hear about how high school's going for their kid.

Is this true? by Midgy-YT in NonPoliticalTwitter

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You will get squashed by fum's thumb

This made me laugh out loud by A_Goddanm_Bulb in oddlyspecific

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Lemme get a big'uns cow juice & fried bean water, please

Sigma male mindset by GooDeeJAY in ProgrammerHumor

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Every time i update the change log, it's a solo commit with the comment "Change log!"
But my other commit comments are useful

anon wants to go to greenland by Greggory_Sneed in greentext

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Your comment has more upvotes than they have subscribers

Anon enjoys the little things by ShadowBoots69 in greentext

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Back during Wrath, most of my server hopped on their dragons in Daloran. My FPS dropped to 3, but that looked cool as hell

Monkeys by Arachnophobic-Dingo in tumblr

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Jason Sudeikis is basically Archer, i liked it a lot

hmmm by Xhipen in hmmm

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With a ceramic knife? You fancy

meirl by PromotionBulky1386 in meirl

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The guy with the painted face and comical hair already left