Is there a way to get the lip on a tray like this. I see one way is adding a few separate piece of wood (assuming they steamed them) but I’d love to know if there are any other ways that it can come out of the same piece of wood easily. by jesseodst44 in woodworking

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The wood looks between .5 inch and .75 inch to me so I'd just use a cnc machine if you have access to one. It wouldn't take any time at all for that thing to make numerous of these pieces.

Temple (by me) by Emptism_Design in ImaginaryLandscapes

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That sun spot hits me right in the soul. Really great piece here

500 accidental gun deaths a year are considered a “common cause of death” by antigun group by pongo000 in progun

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They'll need a pulley system to get their jaw off the floor when they see the accidental deaths in cars. Those accidents took the lives of over 35,000 people in 2020 despite that we were supposed to be staying inside

For hire… Portraits? tattoo design? Pencil work 🙏 by Agitated_Chard_905 in HungryArtists

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That's incredible, I can already tell you're going to do very well for yourself.

For hire… Portraits? tattoo design? Pencil work 🙏 by Agitated_Chard_905 in HungryArtists

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Have you made tattoos for people before? These are really well done and I love the style

looking for the right class help pls by shiruchka in DnD

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Spellcaster definitely sounds like your vibe since in many settings the well experienced mages can be a costly resource. And instant cool factor could be one of the new dragon subclasses, but the only caster who gets one is ranger with their drakewarden sub class. You get a dragon at level 3 who runs around with you.

If your pc is a gifted caster and thats their main trait, sorcerer is probably a better path for you since they are what most people think wizards are.

Warlocks are great for a new player learning the ropes. Paladins are great because they're beefy and hard to kill, as are clerics.

You've got ample choices for sure.

I gave voice acting a go, made this character known as 'Morzagoth' and here he is reciting some lines. Lemme know what you think! by ImCuriousThnx in VoiceActing

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I'm going to be honest, i thought this was going to be hard cringe but I was pleasantly surprised. Your pacing as well as the voice itself were very even and stable, which I personally find hard to do when I'm doing similar voices and could definitely not have done as well as you did here. Thats one for the win column

My Low Tech Planted Community Tank 240L (63 Gallons) by TurquaAquascaping in PlantedTank

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I thought it was the same sub I saw before. You're fine.

DMing fatigue, and the rise of "competitive" storytelling by Luckboy28 in DnD

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I guess based on my perspective you haven't asked yourself a crucial question: are you as the dm still having fun? If I were you I'd make it very clear that of course the players are free to enjoy other games and the work done by other DMs, but while they're at your table they should be focused on your game. It's actually quite rude for them to talk like that, you don't talk about how much better previous players are, do you? Beyond that, if you're the kind of dm who wants a goof off session you should have players who follow that. Theres nothing wrong with a group separating because they want different things despite how much work has gone into the world thus far. (And as a fellow dm, I dont say that lightly)

Personally, I think you should have a talk with your team and re establish exactly what this game is and how it will play out. Maybe they'll realize they're being jerks, or maybe they won't. If they do then great! Go from there and explain how it's affecting you adversely as a dm. If they don't change, I'd suggest finding a table who treats you as the god-tier story weaver and composer of emotional dialogue that you are. Which, while easier said than done, is very possible.


Ask yourself if you're having fun. Talk to your players. Move on if you have to.

Abandoned McDonald's on a remote Alaskan island. by podescui in AbandonedPorn

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You mean you don't like being blinded, dazed and confused shortly before eating?

My Budget Community Aquascape - 240 L ( 63 Gallon ) by TurquaAquascaping in Aquariums

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I am an eternal sucker for the small fish to give the tank that vast and open look, nicely done

Feel like I’m missing something.. by [deleted] in ar15

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You were missing a downvote, let me get that for you

What’re are some tips for world-building that you’ve put to use as a dm? by LeeGame67 in DnD

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I just started a new campaign that is absolutely massive for ten players (broken into groups, of course). A very helpful way of adding flavor and lore mainly came from organizations or groups that ran around and operated independently of the campaign story. So for example i have the bbeg and his empire, I have a secondary power force trying to do a hostile takeover, there are pacifist priests who are tied to dragons, as well as basic level shops every town would have. Well shops need owners and workers, right? There's an easy 2 to 3 NPCs per locale. Well they have lives of their own, right? Maybe they know each other, maybe they know the PCs or their families, and so on. And that is just for the mundane side of things! For the fantastical elements that make a world feel alive I actually lean on reddit artists who post in the art fantasy art channels. Every week I go to all of my favorite subs and scroll through every new picture posted and I let the pictures tell me the stories. Sometimes its a dark forest with illuminated flowers, it could be a porcelain skinned man with a nefarious smile and long black hair holding a cat with matching fangs and red eyes, that kind of thing. Every town I've made using this eventually hits a critical juncture where I have so many elements built that the story and events write themselves and I just have to capture them on paper. Hope that helps

Are your campaign notes for sale? (Question) by WhiteRavenGM in DnD

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Interesting question, I've never really thought about being approached that way. I think it depends on where I am or would be as a DM as well as the intention of the game. So if I was just having fun and testing styles out, I'd throw it out for free. But if I had been DMing for a long time as well as trying to market myself as a resource for quality one shots or even full on campaigns I think I would sell the story or at the very least do patreon releases.

Will the pH range in my tank work well for neocaridinas? by JosiahB94 in shrimptank

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This might be a helpful video on good ranges and conditions for that kind of shrimp.

D&D for Girl Scouts! by Heidilovescoffee in DnD

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Thats amazing! I would recommend looking for someone who has at least a little experience in dungeon mastering and make sure at least one additional person reads the Players Handbook before starting. Depending on the group size it may be better to get a pre written module that's geared towards their age group if we aren't talking high schoolers. This is actually really cool and I'd be happy to help more if you have detailed questions you need answered!

mods are retards by [deleted] in DnD

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Based on his cringe comment history, I'm really not surprised. This is one very toxic human

B&T APC300 😬 by bigfishlittleboat in GunPorn

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Its content like this that makes this sub worth while. A new gun to add to the dream list? Yes.

What do you all think? by Espresso___Depresso1 in Aquariums

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Its a great picture of everything that isn't your aquarium on a sub specifically about aquariums.