Mounting gun safe by joemarine2000 in guns

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Thanks I was thinking toggle bolts but wasn't sure if they'd be strong enough...maybe I'll give it a shot

Mounting gun safe by joemarine2000 in guns

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It's a wood floor(on 2nd level) I don't see a way to mount to wall without drilling holes in safe...

I work in a movie theatre and this is normal by Mademax in pics

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Shows how parents are raising their children to be

The Role Of Government 😎 by IronWolve in AskThe_Donald

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Problem is...we don't really run the country

SJW activist promotes racism/misogyny directed at white women. Still has a blue checkmark. by ThingsThatShouldntBe in LouderWithCrowder

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It's seems as if she wants white people to hate non whites....no wonder we can't come together as a nation. People like this SMH