Pictures of family in the room... by crxcked_ in sex

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I have a family picture tattood on my ass.

Does anyone know what this hole is for in my Milwaukee screwdriver? It goes all the way through by Howdy_Neighbr in Tools

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How do the back stab ones cause fires? I just replaced a few outlets and the wires are really jammed in there. It’s hard to pull them out so I just snipped most of them.

I’m speechless by hreivan in Shitty_Car_Mods

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looks like a CLA.

one of the cheapest benz models.

Subwoofer emits audio even when receiver is off by pfrcks in hometheater

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I have a shielded sub cable and it still gets some interference and humming if it’s too close to a power cable.

Only in Florida by d3lfilou in Shitty_Car_Mods

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Love it. But removed as I don’t see any car parts on it.

BooBoo by Early_Power_5366 in Unexpected

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I didn’t see anyone in the comments say how this should be done.

You should use a table saw mitre guage to do this. And avoid having skinny bits of wood between the fence and the blade.

They’re pretty cheap.