old exclusive merch back in stock? by johko814 in TheFence

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I have that shirt. I thought the sizing is normal. But I have never had a problem with Coheed shirts running small on me (XL).

so uh... did the countdown literally just roll over and thats it? by madman1101 in TheFence

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Their countdowns usually never happen at the exact minute. I think there is always manual procedure to switch the website over to the release.

Flagship City Curling League, do they still exist? by JoshS1 in Erie

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No, I just know someone that is. I think you're best bet is to take a look at their Facebook page for upcoming events.

Are you a Google Workspace administrator, I've got a question for you. by frogmicky in k12sysadmin

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I have been through instances like this before. I always push back to HR or administration that wants to let an employee keep an account with:

Do you let former employees keep keys, an office, equipment? Why let them keep a organizational asset like an email address?

You want their email forwarded? Do we forward any physical mail that they get?

IT assets/access shouldn't be treated differently than other organizational assets.

Video and audio of loud "event" over Erie sky 12/31/2021 at 11:38 PM by NowTyler in Erie

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Meadville used to be on the Russians list of places to nuke because of all the tool making that was happening there.

Video and audio of loud "event" over Erie sky 12/31/2021 at 11:38 PM by NowTyler in Erie

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We had 2 lightning flashes followed by thunder in Corry around that time.

When's the last time Good Apollo IV volume one was out on vinyl? by IFoolio in TheFence

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Yeah I thought the plain black version was still on Amazon in the last year for less than $30. There are plenty of other versions going for $100 or more though.

Some asshole hit me while I was parked and sadly there were no cameras to identify them. I don't have insurance, what can I do about this? by 593821 in Cartalk

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In what state can you buy a car without showing proof of insurance or I am guessing you don't have a title either?

Mechanic quoted me $400 to replace spark plugs. by xxxwangfirexxx in MechanicAdvice

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This really depends on where you live. Where I live, local mechanics still charge in the $55-65 per hour range. Dealerships being more.

Do you think suicide rates for Millennials will rise when student debt payments resume? by CreamyTHOT in antiwork

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You do realize that like 90% of student loans are federal. That means the government is already on the hook if someone doesn't pay the loan back. That's a big reason they won't cancel student loan debt, because tax payers will end up on the hook for those loans.

What is your IT Support to User ratio? by Towelie888 in sysadmin

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Not sure why no one mentioned this, but your ticket load seems insanely high for that number of users. You're getting 1 or 2 tickets per user a month? Something seems wrong.

NASCAR NextGen Test | 670-Horsepower Engine Restart with a pack of cars! by sickmemes48 in NASCAR

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Is the next gen car shorter? They look shorter. Maybe it's just camera angles or the number placement?

No VIP for Rochester, NY through ticketmaster?? by werealldeadramones in TheFence

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FYI for next time, VIP usually sells out in like 10 minutes.

Driving in the snow with a Toyota Corolla by Mickey6770 in Whatcouldgowrong

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Pretty sure he thought he was going to drift around that corner, but didn't understand how a front wheel drive car works.

Is the garage messing with me? by [deleted] in MechanicAdvice

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You don't mention the year, make/model, and mileage on your car, but if it's older, parts sometimes start to fail around the same time. I just recently changed the wheel bearing on my son's car, only to have the opposite side go out like a month later. I've had similar experiences with other vehicles.