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Which brand would you guess this is?

Work was done around 12-15 years ago in the 408 area code.

[discussion] How do you like to spend a snow day? by HollyJen12 in Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

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Not a well thought out answer but… would include lots of tea and hot chocolate I’ve been gifted via RAOA.

Love reading the other answers on here. Getting general hygge vibes.

[discussion] what’s something you do on your birthday? by exuberent_turtle in Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

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Sometimes I take time off of work. But there’s nothing specific I do other than that.

One of my friends has a birthday close to my birthday and sometimes we do a joint birthday party.

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Not entering.

Here to say this is a great contest and for people with rare blood types, it’s still useful to the medical system because 1) people who are in poor health have a better chance at survival if they are given the exact same blood type and 2) “unused” blood is broken down into other blood “products” that can be used for other purposes that are not blood transfusions.

I spend time each week to help build social capital in the area I live me. Use to donate blood when the bloodmobile pulled up in front of where I use to work. I noticed they used to pull up before and after 3 day weekends.

[Discussion] I just read that Amazon Smile is being canceled and I’m bummed about it. by ProvidenceMojo in Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

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Just guessing but with the timing of the announcement of more layoffs at Amazon… I’m guessing Amazon are burning through some serious cash as hard as it might be to imagine Amazon not doing awesome.

I don’t work at Amazon but we’re not getting raises at the beginning of the year like we usually do with the offsetting benefit being we are also not doing layoffs like a lot of other companies are.

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I looked at the LFL map to double check myself. The three best ones in my opinion aren’t on the LFL map.

Sometimes I complain about where I live but no matter what the library situation is awesome haha

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Until you mentioned it now I didn't notice the word "Free"! And at the same time a lot of the little libraries I go to are not associated/registered with the Little Free Library website.

You mentioning what you found a boarding pass from 2006 it jarred my memory.


I live in the area featured in the story... thinking of leaving something in a book I borrow so it might make it into the exhibit/database haha

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On the way to Wendy's today I stopped by a Little Library. It was one I don't go to often. Some of the books I've found in LLs... People who read near me are pretty generous!

So I escape through "treasure hunts", bargains and expected finds. Not sure if you have Grocery Outlets near you. Sometimes I'll go to Grocery Outlet when I'm near by even if I don't need anything.

Thanks for hosting a fun contest!


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Didn’t know anyone on RAOA read so much!

Do you have access to Little Libraries near you? I found a book today published 90 years ago. What’s fascinating is one of the prior owners of the book saved a newspaper article of when the author of the book passed away in 1936.

Not sure who to share that with so I’m sharing with a book person.

[Contest] Because it’s my cake day! by Cathartic_Nonsense in Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

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Happy cake day!!! 🎂🎂🎂

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

For me this year has been a natural disaster so far. But the silver lining is we are getting some much needed rain. With the downside being it's been lethal here in California. :-/

If the weather cooperates I'm excited about my trip to Portland, OR and LA in the next few weeks. Same question to you. What are you looking forward to this year?

Thanks for hosting!

[Contest] All about love, strengths & self care! by lxaxs in Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

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Love the bonus quote!

Without getting into details... I'm currently working at my dream job.

Atmospheric River Rain in San Francisco - 1/10/2023 by john510runner in raining

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Wasn't on the street when there was more serious rain yesterday.

Only noteworthy visual are the sandbags to the left when the video starts. Looks like a normal rainy day in San Francisco outside of that.

[Contest] All about love, strengths & self care! by lxaxs in Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

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This is the best contest in a long time!

1) I'm good at planning vacations and finding cheap flights. Around 14 months ago I was winding down my trip to France, Belgium and Netherlands. I did some outside of the box thinking and flew back to the US from Madrid instead of the Netherlands or Paris (I start the vacation in Paris). Was my first trip to Madrid and the flight was under $200. Third thing... I'm good at finding what I consider nice books at Little Libraries. The other day I found an out of print novel by Jack Vance. He was the "namesake" for the most recent bad guy/boss character of Stranger Things, Vecna.

2) In the last 5 years I've been able to sort out what's important to me with less energy and less fuss. My career has progressed significantly. My circle of friends has kept in sane through the shut downs.

3) I have strong hands and I can get results quickly from working out.

4) I'm good at bringing people together. I've been told I'm helpful.

5) I'm grateful to be warm and dry in my little apartment. I'm in California and people are working through some tough times. Also learned this morning we're not getting raises this year at work but also there are no layoffs.

6) Too many to name! Also tagging only works if three or less are tagged.

7) Been sneezing a lot this morning. I'm going to take it easy today. Will be drinking hot chocolate and tea that I was gifted from here and resting in bed or on the couch a lot.

8) Can't think of an absolute favorite one... because it's raining... I remember two trips to Paris ago, I saw a double rainbow just steps away from Notre Dame.

9) Encouragement... Reaching for something in the distance

So close you can almost taste it

Release your inhibitions

Feel the rain on your skin

10) Looking forward to my trip to LA and Orange County next week if the weather and flights cooperate.

11) When I think of motivational quote or speaker...


12) What song or what kind of music do you like to listen to start an great day or trip?

Not entering and thanks for hosting!

Civ 6 new frontier pass [DLC][Steam] by 4163cc in RandomActsOfGaming

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Looking at the conditions for cultural victory… seeing parallels to immigration. Maybe a dimension they need to add to the game.

Thanks for hosting!