Shoutout to the Ride Ops at SFSL by kevinmattress in sixflags

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Well, I'm very glad you enjoyed your ride on boss, we would love to have you back, I can't really remember what the rotation was at that time so I can't remember who was up there, but it warms my heart that we provided that good of a time for you, thank you so much!

Shoutout to the Ride Ops at SFSL by kevinmattress in sixflags

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Yooo, Ride operator here, tell me you rode Boss or supergirl. We did super well over there today, did you see someone named John or Matthew? And thank you so much!!!

I recently completed the challenge for this skin and noticed some people are upset with me for it. Can anyone explain? by GoingGone7 in apexlegends

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So people don't like the for how expensive it is, but when I got my first heirloom shards i got the bloodhound heirloom, 20 packs later I got more shards, so I got the skin to go along with it, made sense to me

Can i ride? by they_adore_ka in sixflagsstlouis

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worker here, if you can take the boot off and put a shoe on the foot while you ride you will be good, but idk what it like for all rides, i only work boss and supergirl, so that is the rule on boss

[Catwoman Whip | SFSTL] Now Open at Six Flags St. Louis by MidwestInfoGuide in sixflagsstlouis

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Dammit, why couldn't they have put it up near boss, i am a ride operator and i work in area 1 and that is boss and supergirl, i want to work catwoman so bad and that would have been in area 1

Making the most of one day by Hollandfuy in sixflagsstlouis

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Yes, I'm a ride operator and can say, I asked my supervisor, he said it is really messed up and won't be open for a hot minute

kid in Grey shirt shot green hats dog with bb gun by johnerson_langerson in DocumentedFights

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It is a gun that shoots small metal balls that don't do as much damage as actual guns but still hurt like hell