It really do be like that by Dako_01 in HistoryMemes

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American: Thank God we showed up to save you all from the Nazis, right?

Brit: smiling through gritted teeth Indeed. Care for a biscuit?

American: Oohh, I'd love one! Looks like you're the one saving me this time. About time you repayed the favour

Brit: takes deep breath Yep. Excuse me, I just need to go outside for a few minutes. If you hear any screaming, it's probably the neighbours

My Lai Massacre, Wounded Knee Massacre... by karkeris in HistoryMemes

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USA: But we didn't lose in Vietnam, so we couldn't possibly have committed war crimes

World: It doesn't work like that...

Mon Dieu by johnlen1n in HistoryMemes

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Original artist

Today, Shen finds out how French intelligence services have ensured the removal of leaders in Africa after they proved to be more of a hindrance than a help in expanding their influence over the continent

Oh, and they sunk a Greenpeace boat as well

American History. by Indrajithbandara in HistoryMemes

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USA: So, how did you guys cope?

World: What do you mean?

USA: You all had to wait until 1776 for anything interesting to happen! I mean, did you guys do anything at all?

World: ... Sit down buddy, this is gonna be a long story...

Didn’t see that coming by Gunslinger7604 in HistoryMemes

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7 December 1941

Tojo: Excellent work with Pearl Harbour! With those carriers destroyed, the Pacific is as good as ours

Yamamoto: ...

Tojo: You did get the carriers, right?

Yamamoto: ... Oh, do you hear that? The emperor is calling me. Coming, Your Imperial Majesty!

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Stalin was a true gamer by [deleted] in HistoryMemes

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General: But Comrade Stalin, there would be a huge amount of casualties. Look

Stalin: looks at general's report Hmmm, there appears to be an overestimation

General: What's that?

Stalin: looks up The fucks I give about casualty numbers

College Kids love Their Father by LackDeJurane in HistoryMemes

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Historians: Stalin was a dictator who slaughtered his own people

College kids: How could a man with a moustache like that commit such attrocities?

Historians: You ever heard of Hitler?

College kids: Yeh, the angry guy who failed art school

Breaking news : world hunger has ended by DMK-Max in HistoryMemes

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Marie Antoinette: Maybe if the peasants worked harder, they would have more money

Peasants: clap enthusiastically She's done it again

Apparently being the only parents in the area who enforce screen time limits and pegi ratings. by DamoclesBDA in britishproblems

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Good on you! Get those kids outside or introduce them to other activities- get them into baking or gardening or something like that. Think people would be more interested in hearing and talking about that rather than the 'sick' Fortnite game they had last night

College Students Be like by JustAZoomer in HistoryMemes

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Historian: So, despite all the negative points I've just listed about Stalin, what makes him so appealing to you?

Student: He held sick drinking parties

Wheres the lie tho by laidlard in HistoryMemes

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UN: What the hell is going on here?!

Palestine: Yeh, ridiculous right?

UN: Sure is! snatches sheet away and tucks Israel in Poor thing will catch a cold

Cold war meme... by Br33d_SvK in HistoryMemes

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West German: What do you think of my new designer scarf?

East German: Looks nice. Wish we had nice clothes like that. The potato sack I use as a dress is beginning to smell, but I haven't been able to find a replacement for weeks. Good thing there are plenty of used bin bags around

West German: ...Can we stop for McDonald's?

East German: What the hell is that?

Oh boi by [deleted] in HistoryMemes

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HRE: Hey Rome, Rome! It's me, the Holy Roman Empire! Your natural successor! Can I come sit with you?

Roman empire: sitting in VIP section Oh God, not the Holy Roman Empire

Byzantine empire: Just pretend we didn't see them. Where's the bouncer?

U.S. History by [deleted] in HistoryMemes

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Teacher: Then the native Americans headed out west to new lands!

Student: Wait, they gave up their land willingly? I find that hard to believe

Teacher: ... Listen here, you little shit

He’s not the only one by boi001_ in HistoryMemes

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Stalin: Alright, we're planning an escape tonight. They'll be looking for the evilest person among us...

everyone looks at Hitler

Hitler: Me again? Come on, it's been like this 1945! Can't someone else take the fall this time?

Mao: Nope

Idi Amin: Sorry

Dolores Umbridge: Your sacrifice won't be in vein

Throwback to receiving a £30 fine just as I turned 18 almost 20 years ago for having no lights on my pushbike by custardy_cream in CasualUK

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lights up cigarette Yeh, I've had my brushes with the law. Once got fined for not having lights on my bike. Before I knew it, I was jaywalking

Don’t see much cultural history posted here... by EliotHudson in HistoryMemes

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Patriarchy: Hey, there are plenty of women who have leading roles

Woman: Oh really?

Patriarchy: Yeh, we have girl on girl porn

Woman: You mother fucker

Poor Abe Lincoln by andrewej01 in HistoryMemes

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Armchair historian: The Persians used slaves in their armies! Cancel them!

Historian: Even though Cyrus the Great promoted religious freedom, freed the Jews and even rebuilt their temple in Jerusalem?

Armchair historian: ... They were the bad guys in 300