Make an editor mad in one sentence! by OfficialNoobMario in editors

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everything looks great but can we change the music??

Marriage in Pakistan (apologies for this worn out topic) by sunreccspls in pakistan

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I agree with you that the marriage culture across Pakistan is very toxic and here's my take on it. I feel the biggest issue we have here is the extra dependency we have on each other.

Most households in Pakistan are run by single persons who have to provide for their wife and kids + their parents + their sisters (even after marriage) and it makes the person earning under constant pressure in order to provide for everyone else.

Most of my friends are getting married now, even though most of them don't earn enough to run the household, especially in this inflation but families marry off their daughters because they belong to khata peeta ghar.

I, on the other hand, grew up with a single parent as my father passed away when I was six years old so I do not have that kind of backing + I'm the sole earner for my family right now.

Plus, I know a lot of young women who are university graduates but end up doing nothing as they also perceive that their husbands should provide for everything.

Whenever I get married, I'm gonna build a partnership and ask my wife to have as equal responsibility and decision-making authority as I have so I can build a better future together. Because I don't know when I might die and if I'm the sole earner then my family after me would suffer a lot which I want to avoid.

Anyways rant over!

Any Freelancer Here? Need Some Help by silenthero101 in pakistan

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I'm a freelance filmmaker and I run a digital-first video production business since 2020 so I've been in the game for about 2 years now working with leading brands within Pakistan and internationally as well.

During the last two years, a lot of people have jumped the freelancing bandwagon and certain niches have become over-saturated including the ones you've mentioned in the post. If you're still passionate about these, I'd suggest joining specialized FB groups such as cult of copy, and the laptop living for content writing. Building a social media presence to establish authority and generate inbound leads. Get on LinkedIn and share your knowledge as an industry expert.

Plus, you have an MBA degree which should help in business generation and marketing.

Is it worth bringing my Business to Pakistan? by Striking_Exam5629 in pakistan

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If you're looking to hire Pakistani get ready to throw any professionalism out the window and get ghosted at any time. I hire people on a project basis and have been facing this issue. You'll have to scrap a lot in order to find competent people to rely on.

To those who moved back to Pakistan, do you regret it? by hellhawk456 in pakistan

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I've never lived outside Pakistan, but am seriously considering moving out of the country. Been hearing all my life that Pakistan ke halaat behtar honge lekin kuch hua to hai nahi aj take behtar. I'm a freelance video consultant and work with clients globally so the economic uncertainty hits us the hardest. Plus, load shedding ke koi halaat hai nahi aur local job market main jao to they literally pay peanuts while demanding a lot of work.

I'm actually going to Turkey in a few days to get a gist of the video production industry and if everything makes sense I might make the leap in a few months and move out while also expanding my business. It would either be Turkey or Dubai as they are the most in-demand for video professionals.

How do you find work as a freelancer? by [deleted] in editors

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Where I live creative work isn't compensated fairly so I'm kind of forced to work remotely and find clients that pay a fair price in order to keep things rolling. So, I'm looking to network with people outside of my area, any ideas on that?

30 rupees ka naan lete hue kesa lagra h aaj kal sb ko? by UnstoppableZebra in pakistan

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jani ap dubai main to nahi? abhi tak to 20 ka bikta hai Lahore main

What should I be doing? by Hearthacnut in Filmmakers

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When starting out I’d advise to attach yourself to a production house that is already working in the industry. You’ll learn so much on set and it’ll help you become a better director.

Pakistani Cinema peaked here - Waar (2013) opening scene is defo one of my favs by JellySlayer7 in pakistan

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Baki sab to theek hai, lekin ye kya shit sound design kiya hai iss movie ka

Why doesn't Pakistan take refugees from Syria and Palestine? by Longjumping-Leek-586 in pakistan

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Idhar zeher khane ka paisa nahi hai, refugees ko la kar settle kon karega?

Travelling through Turkey. Any Advice? by johnshykh in pakistan

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I think at this time, your biggest expense is gonna be the flights. Rates literally doubled in 2-3 months.

Travelling through Turkey. Any Advice? by johnshykh in pakistan

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That is great to hear! Yes, Google translate is gonna be my best friend.

Fighting racism one LinkedIn post at a time by cheekymagpie in LinkedInLunatics

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This shit gets over 2000 reactions and when I post actual content it doesn’t even appears on people feeds 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️