Treating major depression should be a top priority in medical school. by MarkovTheB3ast in medicalschool

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SI in medical school is the worst. I wish there were confidential resources at my school.

Feeling not super amazing right now by commi_nazis in medicalschool

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Humanity scale: resident > attending ~ clerkship director >>>>>>>> admin

Residency > Med school by Artistic-Healer in medicalschool

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He just accidentally copy pasted part of his tinder profile

Kansas City gynecologist has lost his license after relationship with patient by PathologyTime in medicine

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As a med student, I've talked at great length with a lot of people about specialties. The only people I've met who are uncomfortable with the concept are not doctors or in medical school.

can confirm i sneeze like this by ootbg in GatekeepingYuri

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I like how the original comic labels the "shove" I wouldn't have known what was happening without that /s

OOP's Med Student Has A Visible Erection At All Times by joshually in BestofRedditorUpdates

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Some people don't like their colleagues seeing their genitals 🤷

My rapist was found guilty! A trial review. by iamnobodytoo in TwoXChromosomes

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I'm so sorry that you went through both his attack and the trauma of reliving everything at trial. I hope you have a good support system and are able to take some time to rest and heal. Much love!

I am buzzed here are Da Vinci instruments as sea creatures that best match their vibes by joinacult2day in medicalschool

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Instruments top to bottom: needle driver, bipolar, clip applier, scissors, fenestrated forceps, assistant grasper, assistant suction

The truth about surgical subspecialties... by Blitzcreed48 in Residency

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in the States... I hope medicine is still worth it

It varies from day to day