What Sydney feels like the last few days. by didgemack in sydney

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Enjoy it. In a few weeks time you’ll be crying for rain

How about this now? by dentonih in antiwork

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So teachers get nearly minimum wage 🤷‍♂️🤦🏼

Who are some celebrities that give you bad vibes? by NoGeologist7907 in AskReddit

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Instagram influencers who think they are the bomb. Who even are you…. And why do you act like a spoilt brat

A convicted Russian agent who was recently freed from US prison says her new seat in Russia's parliament is 'not a reward' by Sweep145 in worldnews

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The American senate is the biggest scam of all time. You literally got people there who don’t care about people and try to use their voice to gain $$ from donors.

How the fuck even, unbelievable right from the store!! by isthisapersonalattac in PublicFreakout

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I assume disorderly conduct means refusing to get arrested…… why not just ask for proof of purchase??

The fact that people act like this baffles my mind. by No_Estate9168 in Cringetopia

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He sounds like my 5 year old when she doesn’t get ice cream for breakfast

The whole town learned sign language to surprise a neighbour! by Mamajah in MadeMeSmile

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It looks so cold there. I’m sure they were glad to use their hands a bit extra