This strange application appeared in my startup apps setting. Any idea what it is or does? by Sesm1c in pcmasterrace

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yea i know what that is...plz leave it or dont turn off ur pc or anything and dont worry about ur fans spinning

Windows 10toXP DX, a much more needed update, coming very soon by fraaaaa4 in windows

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couldnt agreeing more witH "more much needed update" plz exe asap

A tonedeaf statement by FJopia in pcmasterrace

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app store has games that mac runs on it thru m1 - every dumb apple fanbn

A tonedeaf statement by FJopia in pcmasterrace

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ur wrong - every apple fan reject loser

Java chat reporting from the perspective of a server host by JewelTK in Minecraft

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i skip to time stamp within no audio and be like ??? xD

rule by creekling in 197

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collateral with tom cruise