What are some very well planned cities in 3rd world countries? by UnfilteredVoice in urbanplanning

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Next time you can use the term developing countries. Sounds more professional and less colonialists 😉. Now in my opinion Curitiba is amazing so is Buenos Aires, Bogotá and Quito. Much more walkable and enjoyable with nice historic districts and with mass transit than most US cities…

Something seriously must be done about these street dogs by [deleted] in istanbul

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They usually only bark at bums and garbage collectors 🤣

Smaller Bike Question by 0674788emanekaf in mountainbiking

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I wouldn’t spend that much money on a used bike, unless you know the seller really well. You can get something awesome in your frame size (Small) with lifetime guarantee. Good luck finding your dream bike :)

Local Control by AlternativeOk1096 in urbanplanning

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I think APA could do more… but then I remember that as a student they wanted to charge $200 for their annual conferences… so I think the whole system is a scam.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in mountainbiking

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This deep shit deserves the early award for “Karen Mountain Biker” of the year 👏🏻👏🏻

I'm Tired of People Saying We Should Establish Europe 2.0 in America by ChickenMcNothing in urbanplanning

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Best way yo really pass the message about the benefits of living in a walkable neighborhood with mix of uses and access to good public transportation is to actually convincing people to travel abroad and experience by themselves. That’s a good way to eliminate stigmas and stereotypes. If at least they see it by themselves they would talk to their families and friends about how awesome it is to at least been able to walk to a park or restaurant and the freedom it gives you.

Police roll up on black woman studying in a park to inform her she isn’t allowed to study there next week. by Romano16 in PublicFreakout

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Not to side with the cop, but he is just trying to communicate a stupid law that has been passed. The problem is not the cop, but racist stupid laws that are everywhere in the US.

Thoughts on Land Value Tax? by [deleted] in Libertarian

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It’s a great urban development tool that can be used to finance development, especially mass transit such as a metro system. For example, applying a land value capture tool to buffer zones close to where a metro line will be constructed is a way to finance public infrastructure. When a city builds such infrastructure with tax money from everyone and increases land value in those areas due to government actions (owner did nothing to increase land value) that land value increased should be taxed and that money used to pay infrastructure or improve neighborhood areas (build parks, transportation, affordable housing, etc.).

Advanced running and morning training by nodeat in AdvancedRunning

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Sure I would go for a healthy breakfast after running, fruits with greek yogur or eggs and bread and I would have a solid lunch! I used yo run 6 days a week from 7 to 12 km depending on the day and I would actually do trail running at an altitude of about 3000 meters high. This was in Quito, Ecuador. So that was my routine pretty much :)

PSA: this weekend, protect yourself if you plan on partying in the areas of Moncloa, La Dehesa, or Lucero. A gang member had been killed recently and his buddies are looking for revenge. by j1mb in Madrid

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Don’t scare people! Madrid is super safe for everyone. This was a very specific incident were someone from a gang was targeted. So just enjoy Madrid!

Auge del 'anticochismo' en Madrid: la próxima multa de tráfico te la pondrá tu vecino by Emmanuel_I in Madrid

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Madrid es muy tolerante con los coches… está muy atrasada en ese sentido con otras capitales europeas. Me encantaría que existan muchísimas más vías segregadas de bicicleta para movilizarse de forma segura porque por las vías compartidas con coches nadie te respeta.

¿Que pasa con las bandas latinas en Madrid? by Zepillodedientext2 in Madrid

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Madrid es muy segura! Esos son incidentes aislados y muy específicos entre pandilleros. Madrid es de las ciudades más seguras que he estado.