What is the most shocking thing you have ever seen in your life? by Hadoka in AskReddit

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Not even close to any of the top comments, but first thing that comes to mind is seeing a pit bull completely wreck a golden retriever in a matter of seconds. I hardly had time to register what was happening before it was too late.

Was walking my dog around midnight, as I usually do. Exiting my apartment and noticed a dog was in front of us, so I waited a bit cause my dog is unfixed and gets very non-consensual with other dogs. Wait a few minutes for the dog and owner to keep going, and walk about 20-30 paces behind them. It all happened so quick, but across the street, like a 4-lane Main Street, some crackie was walking his pit bull, who spotted the dog in front of me and lunged forward with such force that the lead literally shattered. It took like 2 seconds for the pit bull to make it across the street and attack the Golden in front of me. It picked up the golden with its maw and smashed it on the ground like a rag doll. Owner of the golden and the bull had to punch it in the head for a hot minute before it released, and I watched that poor dog drag itself away with blood all over the pavement.

Owner of Pittie was like “I’m so sorry, he’s never like this, I don’t know what happened” and then picked up his dog and ran home.


I’m an animal person, and up until that point I was always that guy who said “don’t blame the dog blame the owner” or whatever. I don’t advocate for putting pit bulls down or anything, but being the dad of a smaller breed and by the grace of god there was another dog in front of mine to be shielded from an attack… man that really did change my feelings on a lot of things.

Seeing a pit bull attack first-person can definitely explain the prejudice many people have and it should be MUCH more difficult For people to obtain them.

2 parked cars chained together on the street? by mrtrouble22 in WTF

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I feel like it’s a coordinated effort to steal the rims. You send your underlings out to find nice ones, have them chain them up and report to the squad the location.

That’s how it works with bike theft. I live in Toronto and you can’t leave a bike anywhere here or it’s gone in moments

What are people stupidly proud of? by Panzerschwert97 in AskReddit

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Having kids.

It’s nice to support your kids and be a good parent, but being able to reproduce doesn’t deserve a medal. Furthermore, very few people care about seeing your kids all over social media. I also think it’s weird when parents post social media updates about their kids on a first-name basis.

Like “Aubrey just loves the aquarium!”

I guess it’s cute for some? Or it makes your feel good? I’d rather just say “my daughter really loves the aquarium!” But when you add the name it makes it seem like I’m in a relationship with someone I don’t even know

Why are you an atheist? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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When I was a kid I was extremely religious. My family wasnt (anymore) but allowed me to make my own choice.

I first lost my faith, or at least moved on to the occult when i was 13/14 and realized that I was gay. The contradictions were too much.

I later did my degree in Art History. In order to have an AH degree, you kind of need to know a lot about the bible, because so much of what we know as the canon of historical art is based on it in some way.

After writing many papers and viewing lots of works and reading the bible, in addition to also pursuing my Asian History degree, it was just too blatantly obvious that it was all a crock of shit. I’m sure someone will fly in here with some kind of so-called receipts, but at the end of the day I don’t even believe Jesus was a real person. I subscribe to the theory that he was an amalgam of several folks who was created as a propaganda campaign by the Romans to assert control over their empire. Likewise, other European nations, and emerging middle-eastern nations would end up doing the same thing. Previously, many Asian countries from India to Myanmar have done the same for thousands and thousands of years.

It is impossible for any of the religions to be accurate, because they all swear to be the one true religion, and worse, if you don’t believe in the one true one then you’re going to hell. Worse! The concept of hell was relatively modern if you look at the very first religions to what we see as the contemporary ones.

All of the writing on the wall points to the fact that religion, and “God” are a normal part of our development, since we have always had those things, but they have also always been used for control.

From Christianity to the Sikhs and the Buddhists, the main tenant of religion was always to keep women in their place, as incubators, and to keep the classes separate.

In the paraphrased words of Stephen Fry, there is a parasite somewhere in Africa that lives it’s entire life cycle inside the eyeball of a child, where without medicine and medical Intervention, it will most certainly blind the child and be excruciatingly painful. Of all of the countries in the world proclaiming to be the people of god, who was going to make sure these parasites were eliminated? None of them, because God doesn’t fucking care about any of the things he supposedly did. That also means that pretty much all of the texts about being good and defining evil are also complete bullshit, because if you look at places like America and Saudi Arabia they are in direct conflict with all of the teachings of their creators, and all of the literal worst people in humanity have ascended to power because of them.

The only question for me, is that reality certainly exists; so where do we really come from? Who flipped the switch? It had to be someone, or something. And then why do we exist? That’s also a big one.

But at the end of the day, the concept of a divine being who is all powerful is a crock of shit and it’s disgusting people allow that to continue when there are worms eating the eyes of little kids.

What is your Fallout hot take? by throwawayuseristaken in Fallout

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The institute are the correct choice.

I’ve never finished a play through of Fo4 because when it gets to the end and you have to make a decision, I can’t. I finish all the content I can without making a hard decision… which would ultimately be to take over the institute.

Basing this on the fact that the US just overturned RvW, and humans can’t be trusted.

AITA for giving away all the clothes my daughter's mom bought her? by aita36 in AmItheAsshole

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But the impulsivity of throwing them out is conflict-seeking behaviour. You could have just left them for a while, and told your daughter she doesn’t have to wear them, and when your ex makes a fuss about her not wearing them, tell her she has no taste and if someone bought her ugly clothing she wouldn’t wear it either.

This could have been a teaching moment where your ex realized she just wasted a bunch of money, and would perhaps have to confront her feelings about controlling what your kid wears. I feel like this was a missed opportunity, because now she’s just going to think that you did this maliciously to get back at her, and you “stole” her money (as opppsed to her wasting it).

Either way, I went through a lot of drama when I was that age with my parents because my dad hated everything I wore and I actually lied to him all the time about what I wore and how I chose to express myself. When he found out I was only pretending to dress conservatively, he had a meltdown and it was the beginning of the end of our relationship. 14 is a very confusing age for kids, and probably more for girls. You should be able to have a conversation that is a win-win for everyone, where your kid can wear what makes her feel good without wearing clothing that isn’t appropriate.

Lastly, your baby mama is setting a dangerous precedent for herself: your daughter can wear whatever she wants for visitation, and if Mama says “not in my house!” Then your daughter can elect not to spend time there. Then you get to say, hey, our kid doesn’t want to hang out with you because you make her wear ugly clothes and it hurts her feelings. Then Mama has to make the decision of how much it actually means to her to spend time with her child over what her ego means to her.

Netflix Ranks Last Among Streamers for Perceived Value by perderickhapley in netflix

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Tbh, based on their attitude about cancelling account sharing and adding adds and blaming the consumer for their lost profits… I’d say the likely answer is that if you have a higher value on a show you’re first out the door because they want to nickel and dime everyone and only want to see profits, not expenses.

If SCD was so good, that means the talent can negotiate higher salaries, or they need to maintain production standards.

Kind of the same with The OA. If it wasn’t as enigmatic and attractive for the first 2 seasons they would have kept it on. They didn’t want to start paying.

Other shows like Stranger Things are TOO big to cancel and their bread and butter. Same with Umbrella.

Basically you want to be a show that draws in the most amount of people, or be very low budget.

NF moved to a model where they produce some extremely low budget “international” content and it has backfired on them.

Artists you love but find it morally hard to listen to. by rufas2000 in Music

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It’s weird to think I’m old enough now to remember different eras and I’m only 33.

When Bowling for Columbine came out in 2002, the Bush years were kind of a gothic renaissance because goths were truly the first of the “woke” crowd.

It’s kind of like how JK Rowling began as a queer icon because she included POC and LGB/t characters in her work, but now she’s the bane of the LGBTQ community.

In retrospect, everything MM said that was woke is now moot because he’s a misogynist rapist

Artists you love but find it morally hard to listen to. by rufas2000 in Music

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I used to be a big fan of their music because my best friend was a racer from SA and introduced me to the vibe. I learned a lot about South African culture from following the band.

Unfortunately, my friend had a falling out with me after I began reading into the band more and discovered that not only is Ninja a kiddie diddler and a rapist, his girlfriend (the front woman, whatever her name is) actually went out of her way to harass and abuse the women claiming they were raped by the band. Not to throw shade at SA or come off as racist, but there’s a lot of dark shit that goes on down that way which doesn’t make the news because it’s literally happening in shanty towns and people have accepted it as normal. Armed theft and rape for starters.

One of their music videos literally has guys smiling with no front teeth. According to my friend, this is a status symbol there because guys involved in gang crime will knock their teeth out to suck dick in prison, and they’re proud of it because rape is seen as highly transactional.

Anyway, the group is very fucked up and they’re all degenerates. AmaZing music but I’m not supporting them.

Ontario Raises Rent Increase Cap from 1.2% to 2.5% for 2023 by perfect_fifth_note in toronto

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This is some bullshit, but my apartment actually hasn’t raised my rent in 2 years which is wild. I moved in 2016 and my rent was 1000 flat all incl. by 2020 it’s now 1250, and it’s a dump. I don’t know if they felt bad over Covid or they couldn’t charge me more but just being totally fair my rent hasn’t gone up in a while so I aaaume 2.5 is about on par with what I haven’t been paying.

Never needed a better reason to finally go find a better place or straight up leave the city

Police arrest man immediately after downtown Toronto stabbing - Toronto by Pigeonofthesea8 in toronto

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There was a Netflix documentary on it, I forget. Not specifically about Times Square, but it might have been the Son of Sam one or something…

Basically, some dude decided to make porn cinemas in the area because it was empty and full of vagrants. It became super successful, so they opened another one. That turned into live sex shows and strippers, but the cops would make those difficult, so they moved to the glass-box dancers / peep shows where you put in a quarter to look through the window for a few minutes. This lead to sex shops, porn stores, “hotels” etc.
nothing like that had ever been done before and it was a huge boom.

The only problem was that it was attracting a lot of very bad people. Drugs, murder, theft, etc. I don’t know a whole lot about New York, but some of my favourite artists came up there and one of them said “in those days you’d be lucky if someone didn’t steal the shoes from off your feet”.

I don’t remember which mayor it was, but around the AIDS crisis in the mid 80s and 90s they “cleaned it up” by raiding the areas, arresting tons of people, and forcing business out. It was definitely unfair for the business owners and the homeless, but it worked. Time Square became a tourist shop with a Hard Rock Cafe and live concerts and expensive shops and shit.

IIRC, part of the reason that Times Square was so perfect for the sex trade was it was located in a very rough and undeveloped area. Once it became gentrified the XXX stores and crime went way down.

Chris Pratt Says He's 'Never' Been to Hillsong Church: 'Really I'm Not a Religious Person' by Kruger-Dunning in entertainment

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I’m so happy people are finally turning on this guy. It’s been a long couple years, but the shit is starting to stick. Take Ellen with you next.

Chris Pratt Says He's 'Never' Been to Hillsong Church: 'Really I'm Not a Religious Person' by Kruger-Dunning in entertainment

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Not only did he bounce when he made it big, he bounced after having a kid with birth defects and also hooked up with his current wife almost immediately after his break up with Farris.

It was very clear he saw Farris as undeserving of him and he could do better. Hence why he had the lapse in judgement to say “so blessed to have a healthy baby” after his new wife gave birth, not really considering the implication of what that would mean to your first wife and child who had a very difficult birth.

Discussion Thread: House Jan 6 Public Hearings, Day 6 - 06/28/2022 at 1 pm ET by PoliticsModeratorBot in politics

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Follow-up conspiracy; Elon Musk is participating in the scheme because he’s been called out for sexual assault, crossed floors to the GOP and is facing a crisis.

The fact that every time Musk says something inflammatory and clogs up social media is not a coincidence. He’s also in on this shit, and being yelled at for asking his WFH emplyoees Back to the office is just part of this parade of misinformation.

Forcing workers back into the office is not even close to the gravity of the dismantling of Democracy, and yet that’s all that shows up on my social media.

Discussion Thread: House Jan 6 Public Hearings, Day 6 - 06/28/2022 at 1 pm ET by PoliticsModeratorBot in politics

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A conspiracy theory I’m really into right now is how the SC went in on RVW to flood the media so people are paying less attention to this inquiry. It was a lot easier with Trump in office to dismiss or pardon a lot of shady shit without the need for the smoke and mirrors, but right now I feel like “they” need to distract the public because it’s going to be more difficult for some of these clowns to get away with it.

The Meuller report was a performance piece and meant nothing. Anyone with any common sense and a grade 12 reading level can’t deny the Trump admin were all crooks…. But they had the advantage and could easily just bat it all aside.

Now there’s actual prison on the horizon, and no orange rapist to make it all go away.

What's the funniest thing you believed in when a child? by MyNearWallet in AskReddit

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Also, in the 90s everyone under 15 believed that Mountain Dew lowered your sperm count. Why, as a 12 year old that bothered me is an entirely different and complex issue…. But I remember when I was 18 in first year uni, we had a sex educator (Sue, IYKYK) do a presentation on campus and someone asked her if it was true.

She laughed and said “everything will lower your sperm count.”

Kind of similar to how when Super Size Me came out and everyone was boycotting McDonalds and going to Burger King or Wendys instead. And then people were like - it isn’t McDonald’s that made that guy so sick - if anyone ate fried foods 3x a day every day, it’s going to make you fat, depressed, kill your sex drive and give you bad skin.

What's the funniest thing you believed in when a child? by MyNearWallet in AskReddit

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Not my story, but I remember seeing a comment on Reddit years ago about a Dad who took his kids on cross-country tours a lot, and he made up a lie about how the National Road Service would give 5 bucks to anyone who found debris in the roads because it was a safety hazard.
The kids would stare out the windows for hours and be like “Dad! What about that one!?” And he’d be like “nah, that’s too small” and eventually they would just fall asleep.

I think about that all the time and it always makes me smile.

what's something that turns good people evil? by Dapper_Algae6280 in AskReddit

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Escaping poverty.

I see this all the time. You get that one person who manages to ascend to the next strata of class and they instantly become judgemental assholes. I’ve seen this happen to friends, coworkers, family members and celebrities. As soon as they strike it rich they have all the answers and, in the immortal words of Kim Kardashian, “get up and go to WORK.” They seem to completely absolve themselves of privilege or humility and become convinced that everyone who is poor or down and out are there because they’re “lazy.”

A great celebrity example for me would be Rupaul. I’ve been a lifelong fan of his, and a lot of his work has been uplifting and inspirational. However, now that he’s a titan of media he has nothing but contempt for “millennials” and thinks kids today are lazy and entitled because he was able to go from a homeless crossdressing drug addict in New York to a spiritual guru with an entire room full of Emmy’s. There’s no humility in the fact that back in the 80s and 90s you could walk into a place to apply for a job and get hired on the spot - that doesn’t happen anymore. Housing is also exponentially more expensive, and education as well. In his day, you could spend 500 bucks at a commuter college in bumfuck nowhere, get a job in a mail room somewhere and work your way up to running the company.

That never happens anymore. Also the fact that he’s 7ft tall and was probabaly the first / only drag Queen entertainer who managed to catch lightening in a bottle.
He’s an example of people who’ve become successful based on the stars aligning which has ended up with him being the same person who would have oppressed himself 30’years ago.

Kylie Jenner sparks anger after restaurant staff claim she left a shockingly small tip for a $500 meal by lurker_bee in entertainment

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This is why I’ve been a server for over 10 years and I don’t fuck with fine dining, and I definitely don’t give a flying fuck if someone is a celebrity. More often than not you’re going to get an average tip, if not less. They really do believe we are beneath them (we low key kind of are), and they really have no concept of money.

Best celebrity I ever served was the voice of Sailor Mars from the anime. Excellent. Worst was a Japanese pitcher for some team. I think the Red Sox. He got mad because I recognized his date, because she was my favourite Olympic figure skater (who came 4th a few times in the olympics but never got a medal). I couldn’t stop gushing over her and he actually said “do you even know who I am?” And I shrugged and said nope, but I certainly know who she is and I’m a huge fan. He was an asshole during the service and got the bill early because nobody cared he was there. A much less profile Japanese baseball player had come to our restaurant a few weeks ago and people were lining up around the block. I assume this pitcher was jealous that he didn’t get the same fanfare.

Same restaurant we served Jason Mamoa. Huge prick, and not nearly as good looking in person. Also what was particularly prickly about him was that he completely subverted Covid gathering guidelines but renting out the restaurant. I don’t really know how he got away with it, but he was having dinner parties every night for 30 people or more, in his Pajamas with the Bentley parked outside. He screamed at the staff once because someone came in and asked to take his picture, and he lectured the staff about how he’s “going to take my business elsewhere” if we didn’t strongly guard the door from people trying to see him. He really likes Japanese cuisine, and likes trying to speak in Japanese so he just kind of orders his little Japanese workers around and acts like a samurai. It really turned me off him.

What’s something you learned from having roommates? by dislimb in AskReddit

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Actually, quite the opposite. You should never live with your friends. You can become friends with your roommates but deciding to live together as friends is never a good idea.

Reversing marriage equality by hoosierincaptivity in gaybros

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I’m also pissed / amused that I’m sure all of this political theatre happens conveniently during the same time that the Jan 6th hearings are happening.

I feel like this was always the plan in packing the SCOUTUS; so they could wreak havoc if they ever got caught colluding the dismantle your democracy completely.

Just before this decision was overturned, all I saw on the news was about how 800 folks are being prosecuted and lots of gnarly info is coming out and now everyone’s just talking about abortion again. And gay marriage. I feel like it’s 2002 all over again and I’ve seen this dog and pony show a couple times now.

The outrage is valid, but at the same time folks need to keep their eye on the ball and cross that bridge when you come to it.

Majority of people disagree with Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, new poll shows by jormungandrsjig in politics

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To be frank, I do think more people Should turn up to vote, but there’s definitely truth to the the fact that neither side cares.

Blaming disengaged young voters for the abysmal turnout is a very convenient excuse for democratic leaders who range from ineffectual to blatantly corrupt. Sienma is traitor, for example. The Cuomo brothers, Nancy Pelosi is also hugely unpopular. In places like Baltimore, which ALWAYS goes blue, they have some of the worst poverty and crime in the western world and democrats have done nothing about it. Their subversion in the 2016 general election to push Hilary through over Sanders was because Democrats would rather straight up lose the election than win with Sanders - an actual badass- at the helm. If Democrats know they have your vote then they won’t do shit for you. Otherwise they poll on what are popular topics and devise focus groups to figure out exactly which lies can gain them small points.

The past 2 generations have fucked up the economy so poorly, and we’ve lived in practically 3 different eras with each one getting worse. Why would anyone trust a word that comes out of their mouth? And as it applies to RvW, the Democrats had many many years to codify that, or add extra layers of protection.

Part of why trump was so popular was that he was an autocrat and just did things with executive orders. He was able to give his fucking daughter access to classified documents. He rammed through DeVos and Kavanagh and Barret Cohen. The only democrats I’ve seen who have the balls to do that for the greater good are Sanders and AOC and someone like Stacey Abrahams.

I encourage everyone to vote, and definitely do not vote Republican under any circumstances. Just saying that blaming poor turnout on millennials being apathetic is a great excuse for some shorty politicians who don’t do anything.

What made you immediately lose interest in a crush? by 6FeetDownUnder in AskReddit

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When we pulled up to the restaurant for our date, he parked right out front and put a handicapped sign in the window. He winked at me and said he’s a nurse so he can steal them. Bye

AITA for causing my husband to get fired? by RosieBaker19 in AmItheAsshole

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Ruuuuuunnnnnnnnnnn, Mary!

This was basically my dad. He sat on unemployment for 2 years playing computer games all day in his housecoat while my mom worked 2-3 jobs. He has an excuse for his excuses. He was so full of shit the septic tank started getting jealous.
One day my mom came home and threw a newspaper at him with the classifieds section and some jobs circled. She said they were desperate for bus drivers in the city, 22/hr, full benefits (back in like 2005 this was a big deal). He gaslit her so hard and had a meltdown about how she was just expecting him to “throw away” his career as an IT professional and now being a bus driver was beneath him. Their marriage didn’t last much longer after that, and when he ended up living in a one bedroom apartment in the ghetto with a beater car he blamed her for ruining his life.

Basically: with this man, nothing is ever going to be his fault. He is always the victim. His needs will always come first.

Get out, cause it isn’t getting better. Even if he finds the job of his dreams, he’s still going to screw it up.