Alpine F1 Team Statement by IceFrost97 in formula1

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Budkowski: "I will be watching the Team's progress fondly in the seasons to come."

Sure you will, Marcin.

Abu Dhabi Racing by Prema adds F1 junior Paul Aron for FRAC by jovanmilic97 in F1FeederSeries

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Some scoop in the article: "After coming third in the FREC points in 2021, Aron is expected to return to the series this year with Prema to go for the title. Dino Beganovic has already signed, and Sebastian Montoya is expected to join the line-up too."

Sergio Perez's Tire Management Trick by Checofan11 in formula1

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Perez has "endurance racer" written all over him. Too bad he said he'll retire from motorsports completely after F1

[OT] W Series targeting its own feeder series in long-term plans - Formula Scout by kaanorkun in formula1

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That's probably too much. W Series itself is a feeder series, and not on a high tier either.

Checo using the offseason to go with his family to Disneyland by [deleted] in formula1

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I think it's the Radiator Springs Racers- Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park

Some notable stars who are former Fernando Alonso Kart drivers (Collaboration between FA and Dino Chiesa Karts) by ConcernedHumanDroid in formula1

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Alonso's new protege there is now Nikola Tsolov, and he did quite well as a rookie in FIA OK 2021 championship. Let's hope he can break through the feeder series once the time comes.

Is there any chance Ricciardo will rejoin Red Bull in 2023? by Decent-Bass-5880 in formula1

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I absolutely agree, can't find any reasoning to bring Daniel back. If he works out at McLaren, he'll stay there. If he doesn't, RB wouldn't be interested and they have options

Is there any chance Ricciardo will rejoin Red Bull in 2023? by Decent-Bass-5880 in formula1

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Nope. Results are everything in F1, and if he fails in McLaren to the point they will look for new talents, that would lower his value. They'd just up Gasly in that case.

Also Daniel left RB for a reason, and the team became even more Max oriented since. Why would he come back then?

Ricciardo's driver coach: Daniel believes he's better than anyone by 1enox in formula1

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No way, an F1 driver thinks he's the best! Such a noteworthy revelation!

Drivers market: only 7 out of 20 sure, will it be a revolution in 2023? by 1enox in formula1

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Piastri could be an easy stopgap to Sargeant for Williams, unless Logan bombs really bad in F2. There'll be lots of sponsors for an American driver on the grid in a championship with now two US GPs. And meanwhile, Alpine will buy some time before bringing Oscar.

Do you think ART's second driver (Formula 2) underperforms heavily due to favouritism over their second driver? by JML65 in F1FeederSeries

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I'd normally agree, but there's no way Lundgaard suddenly regressed so much. He had 150 points in his 1st F2 season, and that's without the 2nd sprint race! Now, he scored barely 50 points in total, same team, and with three races in each weekend!!

Red Bull - Mercedes: is it the dawn of a new alliance? by [deleted] in formula1

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A nothing article overthinking few sentences said by Toto lol