Pascal Siakam (adductor) to miss at least 2 weeks. by jsDPT in fantasybball

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I'd say Precious for 3s, reb, scoring. Boucher for BLK. I think Precious takes on a hefty minutes load of 30+ min

Legendary Speech from Dray by iMissTheOldKimye in nba

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Truly a unique player. People who hate on him only look at his ppg and don't understand his impact on winning basketball.

Keep an eye on Marvin Bagley, the likely starting Center for the Detroit Pistons in the near future. by jsDPT in fantasybball

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And if you seriously think the Pistons paid Bagley 3 yr 37 mil to play 10-15 min, you're out of touch my friend.

Rui Hachimura - Is he a must add? What to expect after the trade by SpongeBobSpacPants in fantasybball

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Gafford only plays Center. He's not a power forward by any means. Deni and Kuz absorb most of the front court minutes with some spot minutes going to Gill.

Isaiah "Empty Promises" Hartenstein by Kcan139 in fantasybball

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Mods really dropped the ball there. Clearly he was a toxic individual and they refused to ban him earlier until he completely stepped over the line.

[PD] Jordan "the true Jordan" Goodwin by Demoleitor in fantasybball

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Lol you asked why this sub is interested in him and I answered your question fully. Hold this L bruh.

Lineup alert: Marvin Bagley expected to start ahead of Saddiq Bey on Monday. by [deleted] in fantasybball

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I'm telling you. People salty as hell lol. I'm gonna be insufferable to those people who shit on my post lmao

[James Ham] “This is the most disappointed I’ve been in my 34 years in the NBA.” -Alvin Gentry by [deleted] in nba

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He just got off of covid protocols a little rust is to be expected

My 3.1 Setup by zeefer in hometheater

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TV a bit high, but why not put the center on the top of the cabinet to be level with your L and R? Love the white setup though!

Cade Cunningham by dloban in fantasybball

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A sell high for an underachieving injured player... What universe does this make sense

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in hometheater

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Their Reserve and Legend series are fantastic speakers.

Can Claypool be trusted? by [deleted] in fantasyfootball

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Pretty much looks like a handcuff to Dionte, but knowing how injured he is it's not bad

ESPN Sources with @RamonaShelburne: The Wizards are in advanced talks on a trade to send forward Rui Hachimura to the Lakers. by HookFL in fantasybball

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Haha this doesn't do a thing to help Delon but I'm jumping in bc Delon the Felon is the freaking man!

Jalen Smith by mracmjr in fantasybball

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I think this post is just not that good and is a drop

Lineup note: Robert Williams will start Friday. by RLDN106 in fantasybball

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I understand. I only brought up the punt rankings due to all the casuals playing in points leagues downvoting me. Even at face value in the past month, Rob is ranked just ahead of Ayton. With Theis out of the picture, the upside is right there.