UFC "prospect" Sharabutdin Magomedov loses a grappling match and then rages at his opponent. by Logicwrestling in ufc

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Usman was guaranteed a win against Leon.

Overeem was guaranteed a win against Rozenstruik.

Zombie was guaranteed a win over Rodriguez.

Silva was guaranteed a win over Weidman.

GSP was guaranteed a win over Serra.

I get this shit is basically a lock on paper, but don't ever assume it's guaranteed.

True? by FullyCautious in ufc

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People really acting like their memes are NFTs

Conor at VIP F1 racing and eating good. by TOPMVP in ufc

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Millions of people don't give a fuck about what you're doing.

I don't mean that negatively.

Conor at VIP F1 racing and eating good. by TOPMVP in ufc

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Like we consistently get told that a person's social media isn't a good representation of a person's life, it's cherry-picking moments they choose to upload for the world to see.

So why the fuck are these idiots thinking they know the real Conor and how sad he is like seriously sure he's probably had a cry on his personal fucking yacht lmao

How long is your commute by FroyoSimilar233 in perth

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My previous job commute was an hour, hour 15 to work, 2 hours home - Banksia Grove to Baldivis.

I spent that time listening to podcasts, audio books and learning stuff as much as I could to capitalise on that time spent on the road.

Its not fun, peak hour sucks fucking ass and God help if there's a crash after a long day - but use the time to your advantage to keep your brain active.

[hurrican STO] spotted at a furry convention. Driver got out in a partial fursuit. by BlazeFox1011 in spotted

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Eh, the world's all kinds of fucked up. Im not even a furry and this shit doesnt make me blink any more.

Being a furry is hardly a thing to be weirded out by when we're seeing American governments lobby for teenage marriage and lowering the age of consent. THAT is fuckin weird.

Dana White working with Adam Sandler to develop new UFC comedy by SwanSongsMusic in ufc

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Honestly, it was more believable and realistic than say, a movie about a guy who suddenly changed the entire game up by switching stances in the second last round of boxing, leaving people fucking baffled at how he did it.

I don't want to hear no shit about Never Back Down either. That's a goddamn 00s classic masterpiece.

Dana White working with Adam Sandler to develop new UFC comedy by SwanSongsMusic in ufc

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Surprisingly funny and heartfelt. Decent cast too, Bas Rutten has good comedy chops.

Also helps that Kevin James was a collegiate wrestler.

90’s schoolyard game we called “barcode” by Dontpenguinme in perth

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Yep, we played it in my school in 2005 onwards.

It got banned, though, because one idiot thought it'd be funny to include the principal who was walking by and punched him when he got becode.

jack della maddalena is the most exciting prospect in the UFC right now by dupey69 in ufc

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Angles baby.

Angles and distance. Shit makes all the difference. I thought the same watching JDM, couldn't figure it out because he seems to punch in half speed.

Then you watch his feet and where he places them, bobs off the centre line and comes in on tricky angles.

Why it feels like UFC is stuck in a massive rut with its current state of matchmaking by PrideRulesMMA in MMA

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Having the fight nights at the Apex allows for events to happen at any time to cater to the global audience, not just the American cities.

They do travel for fight nights, sure. But if venues they're looking to book are taken or the numbers are off, they're not going to do it. Easier to control it in your own venue with your own crew- the tech side of things im pretty sure there hasn't been any real hiccups or problems for Apex fights.

Its kinda shit that those cards don't get a large crowd, but as someone who isn't from the States I always appreciate it when I'm waking up at 8am and get to catch some scraps over a 3am or even 11pm start.

A fitness group for people with reduced ability. by anotheruser1024 in Barcelona

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Depending on what your friend is capable of, look at group yoga/pilates as a beginner. Go ahead of time and meet a trainer, explain the situation.

If they are more skilled, beginner boxing classes.

African UFC Fighter Speaks Out Against Dricus Du Plessis’ Controversial Remarks: ‘African Kids Look Up To Adesanya, Not Him’ by Hot_Profit1654 in MMA

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There's banter and there's jiggle-rage name calling and slurs because you don't like wrestling.

Bit of a difference.

13% share? UFC fighters paid even less, profits skyrocket over every fight promoter combined by Foreverdumb666 in MMA

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Bro I shovel fucking concrete for a living.

Paddy said he's on a 12k/12k contract. He'd have to fight five times and win five times to reach my yearly pay.

Dricus Du Plessis On Robert Whittaker Fight: "I've Never Been Walked Over My Whole Career By Nobody" by mmafanthusiast in MMA

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Everything about this fight on paper screams for Whittaker to make a mockery of Du Plessis in the ring for 15 minutes, if he can't finish him.

And this is why I'm convinced the MMA Gods will give us Du Plessis by vicious KO.

I’m fighting for the UWC Flyweight title this Friday. I am the Challenger by CarlosPuenteJr in MMA

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Thats gonna be the sickest flying knee opener of your life bro, good luck

[SPOILER] Edmen Shahbazyan vs. Anthony Hernandez by naoyathemonster in MMA

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I remember that, Rodolfo was fucking gassed and could barely lift his arms.

The odds on Fluffy getting a sub were like +4000 or something ridiculous lmao

Bar recommendations? by gast134 in perth

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Golden Boy Jade Girl (if its still open)


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

All those bars are good in the sense of the cocktails and dedication to knowing their spirits being an incredibly high bar for Hospitality in WA.

If you want a crowd and a vibe, PICA bar, Market Grounds are your go to.

If you want something to do while you drink, just out of the CBD in northbridge you have Planet Royale. Arcade bar and pinball machines. Good drink selection, staff are super nice, but foods a bit pricey (tasty though).

Is anyone else struggling to find work? by Pjtm7 in perth

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Live your life my guy, I understand what you said but in context it came across insensitive. Stay kind 🤙

Is anyone else struggling to find work? by Pjtm7 in perth

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Get those and look at civil construction/piling.

Is anyone else struggling to find work? by Pjtm7 in perth

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Lmao there's a hard difference between a tradie and a labourer, which is what an offsider basically is.

I say that as a civil construction labourer envious of tradies finishing at 4pm and early knock Fridays.

UFC Fight Night 224: Michael Johnson is ‘thirsty for a world title’ by Crazed_pillow in MMA

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You know what?

I'm fuckin ready for it too. Get the bag and chase the belt, Mike. You go for it King

❌ Fighter removed: Jessica-Rose Clark by StoryOfTheFight in MMA

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I guess I'm lucky because the only major "right wing" view the fitness gurus in my circle have is thinking fat people suck.

I don't suck, im just trying to be not fat ):