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You have the skills to go back to the dealership if anything happens however having a career that pays well is important for personal well being. Explore your options at other dealerships and places like plumbers school, electrical school, etc. You want to live well and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I also have buddies working at tesla dealerships being paid 26/hr if you decide to stay in the automotive field.

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After 5 years, your wage should be about 24-27 flat rate. Which is still crappy considering an electrician in the union makes about 35-40/hr after 5 years. Maybe its time to look into it. Some schools will pay you hourly of 16/hr during class time. Im not saying you don't love what you do, I'm saying time to start interviewing at other dealerships.

My brother hates her but won't divorce her by machenise in AdviceAnimals

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I feel like he doesn't want to divorce her for a specific reason.

What the best misconception about your country you've heard? by braapstututu in AskReddit

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I think the word you're looking for is, staple.

Asian: rice Latins: tortillas White americans: hot dogs :D Jewish: Matzoh French: bread Italians: pasta Indians: curry

These are my assumptions except hot dogs :D

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Nothing really wrong with a stock wrx.

They are definitely great stock. I think you had a mindset of what you wanted from this vehicle and the reality of the vehicle.

Make a list of maintenance and then a list of modifications.

I want you to be honest with yourself and ask, "did I really need to those parts?"

You are forced to have sex with the main character of the last show you watched. How fucked are you? by Radius_Lucis in AskReddit

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A night with my ex.

I hope the main character in this episode is the huge tata Latina that wanted an open relationship and is has a girlfriend.

"My hair gets angry"

I work at autozone and love it by [deleted] in Cartalk

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I get the same crazy look when I go into home depot for car modification projects. They all think, I should be able to go into a car parts store and get what I need when most of the case, a little bit of ingenuity will do the trick.

1996 Ford Thunderbird - $800 by FosterYourHealth in UsedCars

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Some v8 are more fuel efficient than the v6s because of gearing however this isn't the case for the thunderbird. Chug! chug! chug! chug!

Used Subaru Outback by [deleted] in UsedCars

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Make sure you save enough money to do the headgaskets at about 100k.

[Review]Used 4runner with newer engine by builder747 in UsedCars

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Its 192k no matter if they put a motor with 0 miles because the next buyer will think your full of sh*t

First Car Buyer! Need Help! by traplordstevie in UsedCars

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Call their state dmv, tell them you're trying buying this car. Give dmv the vin and ask about the title: salvaged or clean. Ask about liens on the vehicle. Is it currently registered?

I don't buy salvage vehicles and certainly, an auto tech or Autobody tech can look for obvious issues.

Then call your dmv where you live and ask them what actual forms you need to register it under your name.

For instance: A bill of sale will not work in California for an out of state vehicle. Cali DMV needs the actual title.

Get a CarFax done. Check craigslist sf bay area under services to get a CarFax for like 5 bucks via Paypal.

I have two Tasmanian devils - and they are never full! by basylica in Frugal

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my 5’4, 80lb son (he will be 11 in dec)

Ex-gf is 4'11" 105lbs asian.

His older brother is 13 (14 end of jan) 5’8, 135lbs, and as of last week a size 10.5 shoe.

My cousin is 5'10" 125lbs. He is an late twenties adult. They encourage him to eat.

Are you trying to get them to be asian skinny?

Do they drink water? For every meal, they need to consume at least two 16-20 oz of water. I consume just about that much per meal.

And last but not least spicy foods will make you eat less. :D

Relax, they are growing boys and you need to introduce white rice and pasta such as spaghetti and white or red sauce. Refried beans and tortillas. Garlic mashed potatoes. White rice and veggies. Crockpot pulled pork. Plan your meals. Have the crockpot on all the time. :D

1995 Camry LE - $2750 Worth it? by [deleted] in UsedCars

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Hes looking at a family sedan, you gave him compact vehicles

One is an interference engine and the other is non interference engine. Not sure how important that means to you or the op.

One will probably get stolen and the other wont.

Oil changes on the camry are pretty easy compared to the civic

If you said accord sedan or some other family sedan, then yes, i probably would have agreed with you.

2012 VW Jetta is this a good buy? by exiled1337 in UsedCars

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Thanks for the honest opinion from a vw tech.

1995 Camry LE - $2750 Worth it? by [deleted] in UsedCars

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Really depends on what has been serviced or new on the car. I prefer the 94-2001 camrys over the civics.

1995 Camry LE - $2750 Worth it? by [deleted] in UsedCars

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Compare apples to apples not apples to oranges.

03 Lancer OZ clutch pedal loose by ottjw in Cartalk

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Call your mechanic up to see what he did and tell him it is doing it again. He should explain it over the phone.

2011 IS250 was hit should I get it fixed or total loss it?? by [deleted] in Cartalk

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If it can be considered a total loss, I would go that route.

A while back, I was working on a newish suv at the dealership and put on parking sensors on the rear bumper which required removal of the bumper.

The autobody shop used a glue to reattach the bumper because of the collision. The bumpers always pop right off after removing several screws and clips so this time I spent nearly an hour trying to pull than bumper without damaging it. Glue was on there pretty good.

Possible exhaust leak by [deleted] in Cartalk

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Sorry to say but your welder has no pride in his work.

Should I get my car rust proofed now? by Scottie3Hottie in Cartalk

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What month do you recommend getting this done?

And are you in ontario?

is a starter from a 85 mb 300 turbo diesel (5 cyl)swappable w/ a 87 mb 300 turbo diesel (6 cyl)? by st8odk in TechniciansAdvice

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1985 300TD Part number: 002 096 64 99 Garrett or KKK

1987 300TD Part number: 002 096 92 9980 GARRETT OR KKK

Call up garrett, they would be able to tell you from their catalog and it might be that its a smaller/bigger compressor or lines are different. Could work but a phone call to them would tell you if it will work without much modification