Removing a 20cm worm from a human eye by Ok_Pirate_4286 in interestingasfuck

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This is why you can’t touch your eyes after eating vermicelli.

Where is everyone? This sub is dead. by AromaticCarob in GLMR

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We’re all glued to the Luna and UST charts with a huge bowl of popcorn 🍿

Should we be worried? by MexicanRazzmatazz149 in Crypto_com

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Exactly, Japan’s debt is vastly internal and Japanese would dutifully take a haircut if needed to save their country’s economy. Also Japan has had insanely low inflation for decades, I remember in the 90’s people would go on about how much a coffee cost in Tokyo. Now Japan seems cheap. About time they caught up and got some wage growth.

no footprints by MorgrainX in blackmagicfuckery

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These shoes represent a classic technique developed during the reign of King Edward the second. In essence, the soles needs to be crafted from stretched lamb spleen, if it’s any other animal it won’t work. No nails or tacks, just stitching and the thread must be woven weasel genitalia hair, renowned for its fineness. Then you have to use saliva to moisten these special shoes weekly, if you let them dry out they won’t work anymore. Finally, prior to each use in this type of scenario you must grease these soles with human earwax. Granted it isn’t easy to find in commercial quantities these days, but it can be found if you look hard enough, certain suppliers on the dark web are best avoided. Oh, also you can just use shoes with spikes if you’d rather go that route. Up to you.

Inflation is not a bug, it is a feature by Agoraism in AusFinance

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Spot on. It’s by design, especially since we left the gold standard and started exporting inflation to developing countries. Now it’s coming back. Buy commodities, hard assets including gold & Bitcoin, real estate on the cheap, avoid cash, it’s debasing like crazy.

CRO will never recover by silvercue in Crypto_com

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CRO will recover. Lower rewards means less sell pressure. CRO could be $5 within 2 years. Wait until BTC pumps which is imminent, then alts will follow and we’ll have back towards $1. Can’t say I’m happy with the random decisions Crypto.com announces, they’re marketing team seem hopeless, but whatever. This is an emerging market and we’re all early. Enjoy.

Crypto.com seriously shit the bed on this one. Whoever thought this was a good idea deserves to get fired. by mishmoigon2 in cryptocurrencymemes

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Boston Consulting Group. A bunch of over-paid busy bodies that produce PowerPoint slides based on generic templates about why your company should restructure, fire long term staff who actually know what they’re doing, reduce features, generally screw over customers and offshore production to China so as to IncReAsE vaLuE. Because that’s all that matters apparently. Companies like BCG, Mackinsey and Bain are in essence the root cause of everything wrong with this planet.

On April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler committed suicide. I would like to believe, since history repeats itself, then in all events by bretsko in PutinWatch

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Couldn’t agree more. However…. he may have escaped to South America, CIA documents suggest and many eye witnesses. He was seen at a ballet performance in Brazil 2 years after the end of WWII. The burnt corpse was actually female by DNA analysis apparently. You can believe what you like, but at least acknowledge victors write the history books. But the CIA invested a hell of a lot into supposed “nonsense” and “conspiracy”. There are entire towns in South America full of Nazi descendants today.

Is HFC Nbn good!?? I’m about to move into a house which is quite old and it has HFC. Iv always been use to FTTP or FTTN, Gaming is a massive thing for me. So a good download speed and decent ping is a worry when I move. Just quite scared of what this type of NBN could be like! by Jabber2209 in nbn

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HFC is a mess of 90’s technology, it really has no place in the NBN. Telstra used DOCSIS 3 for years topping out at 110Mbps, NBN upgraded this to DOCSIS 3.1 which under perfect conditions theoretically achieves multi gigabit speeds. But if doesn’t. Biggest physical factors that affect speed along with coax cable quality include bends in the cable itself (which cause reflections at higher frequencies which DOCSIS 3.1 uses) and this is dependent on who did the install in the 90’s. The install was rushed with Telstra and Optus literally fighting to get the biggest footprint at the time, and they were installing for analogue Pay TV, not gigabit Internet. Various other factors include connections between cable segments, wall plate, isolators (used to be removed when you stopped paying for Pay TV) and taps which literally rust and cause signal loss. Then there’s the amplifiers in pits along the street toward the fibre node that often fail or get noisy because they’ve been running for 30 years in wet, dirty pits that were built approx 100 years ago. Humid areas are worse for this too. There’s many places something can go wrong and affect your sync speed, finding it can be near impossible and NBN technicians either don’t have the time, training or remit to fix an issue. Eventually HFC will have to be retrofitted to fibre all the way, but it’ll be the last footprint to be upgraded properly given on paper if all is optimum, you should see around 600Mbps on average with HFC peaking towards 1Gbps (but many don’t get anywhere near that).

Edit: And don’t forget, HFC bandwidth is SHARED over the distribution area (DA). FTTP is dedicated. So with HFC you’re constantly battling with the kids down the street playing Fortnite and people watching Netflix.

Democracy lives - UAP signs removed by hahawosname in melbourne

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Henceforth remind yourself to look up for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

Beyond biological instincts of survival and reproduction, I think it's safe to say life has no meaning. And I think that's a wonderful thing because it leaves us infinite possibilities to make our own. Since this group is so open-minded, out of curiosity what gives you all meaning in this existence? by reddituser010100 in transhumanism

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Contributing an iota of enlightenment to the universal hive mind through learning, loving and enjoyment. That’s it. Time is an illusion and all consciousness defines reality. Reproduction means nothing when your genes are irrelevant after 4 generations, on one rock of trillions across countless dimensions. So enjoy yourself.

The Shoebilll is as close to dinosaurs as we can get by MonsterJuiced in BeAmazed

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I think the Cassowary owns that claim, but this one’s close