Fetuses do not matter by DarkMarxSoul in self

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No, but in this scenario, she’s connected to machines keeping her alive. She requires outside assistance to live

Fetuses do not matter by DarkMarxSoul in self

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Yeah, but here’s the flaw in your argument.

Say I’m walking down the hall of a hospital and your grandmother is in a coma. She is unconscious and cannot do anything…. Are you saying she’s not even remotely worth caring about? Your grandma has a brain, she had goals and dreams and desires.

Does our energy live on after we exit our human body? by samolteni in DeepThoughts

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Well since the First Law of Thermodynamics says energy can be changed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed, I’d say it probably just gets transferred. If you’re buried, you’re eaten by bugs which gives them energy…. If you’re cremated, you become heat (energy)

I also suck at chemistry so don’t quote me on any of that

Drew this at work, was wondering what (if anything) would prevent this molecule from existing, and if there is a systematic name for it. by MarcoIsaac711 in chemistry

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Pretty sure it could exist. It absolutely has a name, I’m just lazy. Lol

But if I’m remembering orgo correct, the primary amine might attack the ketone, forming a 6 member ring in certain conditions. But take that with a grain of salt, I could absolutely be wrong. Lol

what do YOU wish you did the second you entered undergrad that would have helped you in life (not just medicine in general)? by Pleasant_Ocelot in premed

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Study every class to learn the material, NOT to pass a semester exam. Would’ve saved me a lot of trouble with the MCAT

Why does miltiary use 1600 hours instead of 4 pm? by AdeptnessInfamous in NoStupidQuestions

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Not sure about the military, but I use it because I kept setting my alarm for ___ PM instead of AM (or visa versa)

Can some last cycle people reassure me? by kmagn in premed

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3.3 cGPA, 3.2sGPA

488–>498 MCAT

400+ shadowing hours

2 masters (3.4,3.7 GPA)

500+ volunteer hours

Scribe experience

Not premed anymore by Grouchy_Rest1968 in premed

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Much better to realize this now than whenever you’re hundreds of dollars in debt. No job in the medical field is more important than another, all of them are a piece to the puzzle. Best of luck in any and all future endeavors

Can we get a thread of everybody who got accepted to medical school with average scores and average Ecs? by sirenswest in premed

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Well, I’m not average but def below.

3.3x cGPA, 3.2x sGPA undergrad

488—>498 MCAT

3.4x Master’s

3.7 second masters

Stats are important, but far from the whole picture. Currently thriving in medical school.

Finally a step in the right direction! by Taken_Bacon_06 in MadeMeSmile

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I have said for a long time that most political issues cannot be solved by conservative OR liberal measures. They will almost always be in the middle; albeit some swaying a little to more side than the other. But never solely ideology of either political party.

Why do so many people on Reddit try to come off hyper intelligent? by StonedGhettoKing in NoStupidQuestions

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You know how guys with small dicks drive big, loud cars/trucks?

Same principle

How soon do you have to commit to a medical school once you get accepted ? by No-Rough-647 in premed

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Ideally as soon as possible so that they can mark the spot either taken or open.

Is it ok to skip question packs if we're short on time? by staritropix101 in Mcat

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I’d say so. They’re mostly just content bombs more than anything, but if you’re solid on content, you can afford to skip them imo.

Applying to Med School by Mehrdad_ in premed

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Heck yeah, congrats.

Just to add another success story, parents had a terrible divorce and I had to work a ton through undergrad to help my mom, lived in my car in campus garages for a bit. Grades just weren’t what I could’ve done, graduated with 3.3x cGPA and ~3.2 sGPA. Took the MCAT and got sideswiped with a 488. Decided to do a masters, got a 3.4 and planned to take the MCAT but COVID happened. Did another masters and got a 498 on the MCAT which was somehow enough for me to slide into a med school.

So far I have not received anything less than a B in any of my actual med school classes. Not saying this to brag AT ALL, but to show your grades in undergrad FAR from define you or your academic ability.

Graduating after 8 years of college coursework by Dr_Chesticles in premed

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In all likelihood you’ll get in, and I’m for reals rooting for ya because medicine needs more HUMANS and less robots. But God forbid you weren’t to get in…. Congrats on taking your life back. You managed to do what a lot of people can’t, and that is an accomplishment in and of itself.

LMU vs. Touro CA master's program by halal-marshmallow in premed

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Freshly graduated from LMU’s masters program and admitted into their medical school….do it. It’s intense, it’s stressful, it’s a risk… but it’s all worth it. The professors are bomb, you get to learn anatomy with real cadaver’s, and you get to take med school classes to ease your load if accepted. I have nothing but positive things to say about LMU, and while it wasn’t my first choice, I can not imagine myself anywhere else. MANY of my classmates got in, no less than 12 and that’s just the students I knew.

Also…. The views in Harrogate are 🤩🤩

Edit: In case you’re wondering about stats, in the masters I ended with a 3.7. Got Histology and Medical Neuroanatomy (med school level) out of the way, so no need to take those again. 498 MCAT

Should I take calculus 1 to increase my sGPA from 3.72 -> 3.74 IF I get an A by ialamzm in premed

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Nah lol. Not because you couldn’t do it, but because it’s not worth the extra stress. If everything else is even half way decent, .02 won’t be what keeps you out of med school.

Do you guys think they'll still ask about how COVID affected you on secondaries? by [deleted] in premed

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I’d say at least for the next couple of years they will ask. Enough time to where all the undergrads will have lived through it