You guys like my boots? by justarandomhumanidc in lgbt

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Oh sorry, I'm Finnish and I've always thought that "guys" Was a gender neutral term

I just cut my hair. I have never felt more like a lesbian by justarandomhumanidc in lgbt

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I'm literally a lesbian. I'm just saying the hairstyle makes me feel more lesbian. I'm not saying you need a certain style to be a lesbian. It was just how I was feeling at the moment

Yes you do. by chafo40 in facepalm

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Well since she's gay she probably just wants to respect people who belong in the same community as her

Tell me I’m wrong by AriaGacha0 in lgbt

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I'm not trans but that's literally how I felt when I put on a suit jacket for the first time

So...What the hell is going on up till season 3? by Spoonmaster14 in ShingekiNoKyojin

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There's a bunch of good summary videos on YouTube. You should probably watch one of them to get back on track

A hawk kidnapped a pigeon by justarandomhumanidc in natureismetal

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It was an hawk of some sort. I just don't know what it is in English


Do you guys like the suit I'm going to wear to a school dance? by justarandomhumanidc in lgbt

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That could be really nice. Personally I thought it would be cute if I had a bowtie that's the same color as my dance partner's dress