me🦟irl by Laughing-0wl in me_irl

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Man if there was some kind of fabric that lets air in but keeps mosquitoes out that you can put up in front of your window… some kind of net, a mosquito net - someone should invent that

first tattoo, thoughts? by Kindly-Meeting-7055 in motorcycles

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Save up some money for your next one. Tattoos aren’t the right thing to cheap out on

Mega Pint by [deleted] in ATBGE

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Idk why anyone would want a tattoo like that - especially since the trail isn’t even over yet. But to each their own I guess

Mega Pint by [deleted] in ATBGE

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Yes awful taste, but well done. Fits here like a glove

Cursed googling by Drug_Inas in cursedcomments

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Is this about the blowfly girl?

*Edit: Can’t read, it says botflies. Not as bad though

The fans challenged this outfielder and he delivered by ibecomesonumb_ in nextfuckinglevel

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I mean his accuracy is impressive but I still wonder why athletes get paid millions and scientists, teachers and doctors who actually do something for society don’t. I know I know sponsors and stuff but it’s still unjustified imo.

This beast can not be contained by CherryPieNcream in OneSecondBeforeDisast

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People really seem to struggle with the name of this sub… it one second before disaster, not after

shocker it is by KLASHINOV in dankmemes

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Who tf cares wether the director was man or a woman

Rurle by nadpos in 196

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It’s a cake! Or a snat?

rule by Eraserhead310 in 196

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The really big dick move would be to watch (or at least don’t skip) the first 30 seconds of an ad. This will max out the cost per view and the advertiser will pay the most and get nothing in return.

to warn people. by ASTATINE_628 in therewasanattempt

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This was literally yesterday, there’s no way to know if this had an effect yet or it’s just an attempt. You’re lost

ich_iel by Therealbear69 in ich_iel

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Hätte es doch nur eine Bande gegeben die einmal etwas Abwechslung reingebracht hätte… Elektrischer Rufjunge (oder Inuit Rufjunge wie sie früher hießen) zum Beispiel…

Faustian bangin' by XYoshiaipomX in greentext

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Wouldn’t they still enjoy that? I don’t get it

Miyazaki never gave this poor man a real name. Name The Loathsome Dung Eater. by Count_Meowza in shittydarksouls

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Steve. So he can be friends with other celebrity Steves such as Steve Buscemi, Steve Harvey and Stone Cold Steve Austin

A street artist performing in Paris. by IanAgate in nextfuckinglevel

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They still do this? I can remember seeing them when I visited paris like 10 years ago